The Backlot Murders


Comedy / Horror

Plot summary

October 29, 2022 at 02:20 PM


David DeFalco

Top cast

Corey Haim as Tony
Priscilla Barnes as Stephanie
Tracy Dali as Suzi
Angela Little as Shayla
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mobilealusa 7 / 10


First let me say I am writing this with no agenda in mind, except perhaps to cut this movie some slack from the 'pros' who think they have to dump on something in order to review it. You know before you rent it or buy it that it is a b movie. As such, it is a very good movie. Priscilla Barnes, absolutely nailed every line. She did a great job in this movie. Carrie Stevens and Angela Little always do a great job, as they did in this movie. They had very small roles, as eye candy sometimes does, but as usual, they did their best, and did very well. This isn't Shakespeare, but most of the time even a movies aren't Shakespeare. They are just more expensive with more effects. There isn't enough eye candy for my taste, but at least it was high quality eye candy. You can certainly do much worse than this movie.

Reviewed by preppy-3 3 / 10

Pretty bad but not a total wash-out

An up and coming rock band (one of its members is played by Corey Haim!) gets together on a back lot one night to shoot their first video. But somebody is stalking and killing off the cast and crew. Could it be the psycho band member they fired 6 months earlier?

This movie definetely has its moments--Priscilla Barnes is quite good and funny as a bitchy agent, there's a few good in jokes for horror fans (like me) and some of the murders are good and bloody. But that's about it.

Most of the murders are not shown or bloodless and dull; I wasn't scared once; the acting (except for Barnes) is horrible (Brian Gaskell is the worst offender--I don't care how cute he is!); there's sick, homophobic jokes; cheap, needless nudity and an endless stalking sequence at the end. Really not worth seeing.

If you do see it, there are some funny outtakes during the closing credits.

Reviewed by rboyd-6 4 / 10

what happened to corey haim, i'll tell you what happened!

What ever happened to corey haim, the thrills famously sung, i'll tell you what happened, he seemed to go for any script thrown at him, this film included, I've always been facinated with Haims career and to be fair to him I and many others strongly feel that in any movie he can light up the screen, fever lake for example, minus haim that film would surly have not been rented, the guy is actually more talented than people realise. But this film is still weak, its got no direction really, maybe the budget was low , although haim as the guitar player made me chuckle, its funny because ironically had the lost boys been filmed in present day it would be haim who probably would have been cast in kiefer sutherlands role, to summerise this , give the film a miss, unless like me you are a die hard haimster fan.

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