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The story of a teenage boy coming of age in a suburban grow-operation, where every day is paradise or fresh hell. But it's always a trip. Sheltered all his life and home-schooled by loving parents who are also committed criminals, Quinn Dawson yearns to experience the normalcy of the suburban world which surrounds him.

February 11, 2024 at 05:15 AM


Michael Melski

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Rosanna Arquette as Diana
Rachel Blanchard as Crystal
Jon Cor as Philip
Alberta Watson as Marilla
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Reviewed by ffflamingoes 9 / 10

Great little movie...

My wife and tenant love to torture me with main stream movies...this was such a refreshing break!

You could really care for the characters and the plot flowed along really well.

I think I only realized it was Canadian made when the court scene happened...why can't Canadian productions make better court rooms? lol

I would recommend this to anyone, especially stoners.

A great film you can really get in to.

I am going to look for more films by the same people, I thought it was really well written.

If anyone knows more films by the same people, please post!

Reviewed by tha_mongoose 7 / 10

Growing Up

Here we have another coming-of-age comedy, featuring a mostly unknown cast that does, nevertheless, deliver.

The story centers around a recently-turned-18 Quinn (Steven Yaffee), who belongs to an uncommon family of anti-establishment cannabis-growers - the Dawsons. His parents (Wallace Langham and Rosanna Arquette) are seemingly very astute, and his younger sister Hope (Katie Boland) is the local drug-peddler.

At the start of the movie we see a tired Quinn, home-schooled his whole life, who wants a normal teenage experience, as he keeps observing from the come-and-go of students of the local high school. To top things off, an incredibly attractive young girl moves next door (Rachel Blanchard) - this boosts his desire to leave the shielded home environment.

Growing Op has a few flaws, but these don't deter from a fluid viewing experience. Of course, if you decide to watch a film like this, you tend to already know what it's about - cannabis, high school, and the rest.

To the flaws: certainly Blanchard is a mediocre actor, at best, but then again, her good looks tend to excuse focus on her actual ability. It is certainly understandable her choice as the girl-next-door, as she's stunning. Then there's also a few cheesy moments, but these are really not that many.

The good stuff: the film is funny, has some of the most original lines (Quinn's father does an impressive job with his role, being the most solid actor in the pack) spoken by any suburban father or mother I've ever seen (especially young sister!) The kid Quinn is fine as the lead, portraying an odd misplaced youth well enough. His sister is a funny, off-the-rocker type, and her role is well acted.

The story itself has some unexpected twists, and the high school crowd is well depicted and represented.

Frankly, a movie that could have been much worse, left me pleasantly surprised. 7/10.

Reviewed by Greenie123 8 / 10

Very enjoyable

Saw this tonight at the film's premiere at the Atlantic Film Festival. The crowd was great, and we were laughing our heads off all the way through.

As a recently-graduated homeschooler myself, it was amusing to see an outsider's (highly inaccurate in my case, but hilarious) take on the practice. Some of the questions raised in the film are questions I ask myself often.

Kudos to the excellent cast, especially Steven Yaffee as the main character, and Wallace Langham as his father, who both really get into their characters and make us feel their emotions.

There's a plot twist near the end that seems a bit ridiculous and unnecessary at first, but may make more sense once you think it over.

All in all, a great film, and it's always nice to see films from Atlantic Canada that are just good fun to watch.

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