Madonna: Rebel Heart Tour


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Concert special featuring the iconic superstar as she performs in packed arenas around the globe. Featuring new hits and beloved classics that showcase Madonna's signature visual theatrics, exquisite costumes and awe-inspiring choreography. With exclusive behind-the-scenes access that reveal the pop icon and her legion of dancers as they pour blood, sweat and tears into creating an astonishing arena show celebrated by fans around the world.

February 11, 2024 at 07:59 AM


Lilly Melgar

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Katy Perry as Self - Best Unapologetic Bitch Ever
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Jessica Chastain as Self - Unapologetic Bitch
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Roddickq 2 / 10

A great show turned into unwatchable mess by terrible editing and sound

I have attended the Rebel Heart tour and this movie does not represent it at all.

It looks like the director tried make concert into a music video that is supposed to be running in background in some club so people can dance to it.

There are two things fundamentally wrong:

  • First is the The "teenage attention span" ADHD editing. The concert footage is heavily mixed with video clips that were running on big screens on stage. Most of the time the sound does not match the picture. You can clearly see Madonna's lips don't sync with the sound. And that's not only because of overly artistic editing. It's also because the sound is not form that visuals:

  • Second, the sound is for the most part is not from the concert. It's obviously not live recording which is especially evident by Madonna's vocals. Only some slower songs retain the original vocals.

So this is not a concert video because it does not have concert sound, no atmosphere, you can't watch it as a concert because of the cuts every 1-2 seconds.

Why watch this? If you want to watch music videos you will be better watching Madonna's music videos for songs in album. If you want to watch the show itself you can find much better "pirated" videos from the tour on Youtube.

Overall, if pirated concert videos on Youtube represent the show better than your movie, you've done it wrong.

Reviewed by fabinhuritter 10 / 10

Amazing Madonna

One of Madonna's best tours. It's a tour full of hits like True Blue, Take a Bow, Deeper and Deeper and others. Madonna shows a great performance at age 58, probably those who speak bad things of her can't make her moves. So if you can't live this moment of this living legend I'm sorry for you.

Reviewed by renanrdesouza 1 / 10

An awesome show destroyed by the editing.

Whenever Madonna hits the road you know you'll be getting a top notch experience. I've been to two concerts of hers and have not seen anything like it. My review has nothing to do with the amazing concert Madonna and her team put together (although I cannot understand why the beautiful "ghosttown" was not added to the setlist).

But it was very disappointing to see how the editing destroyed this experience by using insanely frenetic cuts for reasons that go beyond anything I can understand, it's impossible to appreciate a nice take the way they did it. Plus, the amount of filters and images from the background screens that were mixed with the actual performances turned the experience of watching this very annoying. In a certain moment, they cut from the main dance routine of a song so that images of the background screens can be shown. Awful, distasteful, and almost a crime to the show and the fans who didn't get to see it live. A waste of good material.

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