Breaking Glass


Drama / Musical

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 88% · 500 ratings
IMDb Rating 6.8/10 10 1498 1.5K

Plot summary

Breaking Glass is the story of punk singer Kate and her meteoric rise to stardom. Starting out in the rock pubs of London, Kate, assisted by her manager Danny, becomes a huge star overnight. Once at the top the pressure is immense as Kate's band are squeezed out and she is left to cope alone in the spotlight.

February 11, 2024 at 03:37 PM


Brian Gibson

Top cast

Jim Broadbent as Station Porter
Richard Griffiths as Studio Engineer
Jonathan Pryce as Ken
Mark Wingett as Tony
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by welshNick 8 / 10

A timely warning ....

Breaking Glass is a film that everyone aspiring to be in the music industry should see more than once. It is a very dark tale about the way a record company manipulates a singer to do things their way and to make as much money out of her as possible. Looking at some of today's 'search for a star' style TV shows on both in the UK and abroad I am always reminded of this film. Though not an expert on the subject, the winners of these shows tend to have one very big initial hit and then its downhill from there. This film predates these shows though the effect seems the same. After getting rid of her manager, played quite brilliantly by Phil Daniels, slowly but surely the record company changes her lyrics puts her on stimulants and she is eventually totally burnt out. You potential stars of tomorrow.... WATCH THIS AND BEWARE !!!

Reviewed by sphinx-7 8 / 10

One of the great fall and decline of rock star films!

I first saw the film when it landed on US cable a year after it came out. It blew my little head away, I was only 16 and it was the first new wave music I'd heard, having been a strictly folky, classical kid growing up. The music mesmerized me, as did Hazel O'Connor's amazing look and charismatic vocal performances, and Phil Daniels' tough but soft Cockney manager just stole my heart. But I think my favorite character was Jonathan Pryce's drugged out sax player. He was so out of place in the band and so harmless and pathetic, he just begged for sympathy. Favorite scenes, the performance when the lights went out, and the love scene on the train.

Okay, so the movie isn't the Rose! But it was really excellent for its limited budget and for its portrayal of the Britain of the early 80's, exploding with rebellious youth, looking for a way out of the dole queue. I went to Britain only a couple of years later and found the movie to have been very reflective of the atmosphere I found when I was there.

If you get a chance to, see it. It is a great movie, with some wonderful performances, and the music will blow you away.

Reviewed by kris-gray 10 / 10

So, so true

I've worked in the music business for almost 50 years now and I so recognise this as being close to the truth of what goes on. Musicians and artists are constantly manipulated to do what the record companies want, sometimes subtly and sometimes blatantly. Young musicians/artists are so desperate to make records and be stars they sign or do anything to get there. So yes, I've seen this happen in reality.

Other reviewers have said it is dated, far from it, ok the music is very early 80's but it's a film of that era so what do you expect?

Phil Daniels is excellent as the young plugger (yes this is how the charts were fixed back then) who loved Kate and wanted to look after her. Some great early appearances of Mark (The Bill) Wingett, Derek (Casualty) Thompson, Jim Broadbent, Richard Griffiths, the late Gary Holton, Gary Olson, Michael (Foyle) Kitchen and George (Zoot) Money (blink and you miss 'em). Plus a wonderful appearance of Johnathan Pryce who actually looks as if he can play that saxophone. I mean what a wonderful cast and script not to mention the awesome Hazel O'Conner who should have gone on to superstardom writing all the music of Breaking Glass.

Also nice to see the great Gary Tibbs on bass, one of the best bass players ever having once played with Adam Ant (never understood that one), Roxy Music, Brian May and more recently Fixx. I'd have him in any band today. I understand Kate Bush auditioned for the part, seriously? I mean she could never have played the post punk Kate.

'Will You' is probably one of the best songs ever and should have got a Grammy, that sax solo, WOW!!!!

If you haven't seen this film, get it on DVD as it never seems to turn up on any TV station.

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TheMightyFeortan profile
TheMightyFeortan February 11, 2024 at 03:48 pm

Cool, a blast from the past. Good film!