Love & Jane



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Plot summary

A woman finds guidance from Jane Austen, quite literally.

February 11, 2024 at 05:30 PM


David Weaver

Top cast

Alison Sweeney as Lilly Thorpe
John Prowse as Mr. Whitcomb
William Vaughan as Brennan Bevan
Matthew Kevin Anderson as Martin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tosi-18344 7 / 10


If you are a Jane Austen fan, you will really enjoy this movie. It's a little quirky at times, but it has the imagination, allure & romanticism of Jane Austen at her best. In modern day, a frustrated writer, who is inspired, and at times, obsessed, by Jane Austen's work, struggles with her own life, friends & aspirations. A book club, a book store, and a small group of friends, real and imaginary, are the fabric of a sweet, intriguing story line. Imagine! If only! What if? Like a Jane Austen novel, this movie opens doors to possibilities. I wasn't really crazy about the choice of the male lead, but if you can get past that it's quite enjoyable.

Reviewed by stevie-25803 1 / 10


Had a difficult time getting through the movie. The main character in this story wanted to succeed on her own yet wouldn't do anything to help herself. She was not at all likable and I could not figure out why the male lead would be at all interested in her yet he was despite her being rude to him. But of course, in the end she gets all that she wants without and character development and even has the male lead apologizing and asking for a second chance with her. Why? Who knows? My wife couldn't even watch the entire movie but I figured I had already wasted one hour waiting for it to get better, which never happened, so I wasted the second hour because I'm not a quitter. I should have quit.

Reviewed by Jackbv123 5 / 10

Words and Hero(ine) worship

There have been other stories where one of the leads sees and talks to a ghost, but this story is a bit different. This story is quirky. The flow is convoluted at times. But most of all it is filled with words and quotes and hero worship. I also assume there are general references to Jane Austen without quoting, but I am no expert on Austen. At times the story is nonsensical beyond the ghost, but I think it is meant to be. I never understood what Trevor was trying to do with the bookstore.

Regarding the flow, one example is how in the middle of Lilly's story, her struggles with the presentation, her book, and her relationship, everything pauses while she plays matchmaker to her best friend. Complete pause. Everything focuses on that. And then Lilly's story is back. Other movies have a subplot like that, but the complete pause for it was distracting.

Alison Sweeney and Ben Ayers had some chemistry. It is surprising that came through because they had so little screen time together given everything else going on.

I didn't like Lilly's character, but I suspect Austen fans might find her perfect. She lives in the clouds, not to mention has a relationship with a woman dead 206 years. (Not sure of the significance of the "just 206" line.) She worships Austen like some god. Austen's wisdom trumps all logic.

Some of the acting other than Sweeney and Ayers is not good, but perhaps the overacting is intentional. There is some dialogue that many will find witty. At least the Trevor's investment idea at the end got a laugh out me.

Two more weeks of Lovuary and Jane Austen stories on Hallmark.

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