Cruel Instruction


Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.5 10 218

Plot summary

November 04, 2022 at 08:41 PM


Stanley M. Brooks

Top cast

Jason Gray-Stanford as Mr. Seckerling
Morgan Taylor Campbell as Amanda Scheff
Camryn Manheim as Miss Connie
Julia Benson as Carly Scheff
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by watcher2019 6 / 10

made for tv?

I have seen a male version of this film. Who knew that in the usa you can be snatched off the street with your parents permission and sent to units like this and held there until you are 18. In the male version of this film it indicated that you could be held even longer than that? I dont think it portrayed the abuses enough. If you have male guards in places where young women are held the abuses must be tenfold. Well acted but not true enough. The ending where we are told that these facilities ex.=ist is very interesting. What do american parents think will happen to a son or daughter sent to such a place?

Reviewed by Chartreuse1 9 / 10

Raw and real movie based on a true story!

Troubled teen Kayla Adams' parents send her to juvenile detention center in Utah to get her the help she needs. Trouble is the people who run the facility need more help than she does! This was one of the BEST Lifetime movies this year acted with gritty realism! The acting, script and directing were top-notch. Kudos to Kelcey and Morgan for nailing their roles. Highly recommended!!!

Reviewed by cdstokley 10 / 10


I wasn't sure I wanted to watch this movie. I was thinking to myself I hope to God this is not a true story. I was disgusted at the treatment of the girls and the whole time I was watching I was thinking at how I would have handled the situation if I were in it. I don't think I could have refrained from punching someone in the face the minute my parents left me there and was taken in for the medical exam which was more like a strip search in a major prison. When I am done with this review I will be surfing the net to see if there were charges brought up against Ms. Connie (played by Camryn Manheim) I certainly hope so. I also hope the place was closed down and someone sued them.

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