Monkey Enters Lanka


Action / Adventure / Drama / Romance / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 100

Plot summary

April 30, 2022 at 06:46 PM


Saie Surendra

Top cast

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by truecall 1 / 10

Gods must be crazy in Lanka

10/10 reviews? R u kidding me? Seems like its the film makers who have rated this absolute disaster. Don't even want to get into the details of this mockumentary, thank god its short. Watch it at your own risk, you are never gonna get back the time you invest in this fiasco.

Reviewed by nimeshjoshi-59644 9 / 10

Unique and amazing story telling

Monkey by Lanka is a unique movie. The way the movie has been presented is outstanding and with such indepth narrative. Great movie and truely recommended.

Reviewed by dbchudasama 10 / 10

Great storytelling in a unique fashion!

Monkey Enters Lanka is a great mix of film and animation with a dark feel juxapositioned. The BGM was a great supporting factor, with a unique story telling experience for modern viewers. Picturing the ancient tale of Ramayan in modern way with a mixture of different art styles is what this short film brings. Excited to see more! A great introduction to anyone wanting to align themself with the story of Ramayan. Good job!

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Teioh profile
Teioh May 01, 2022 at 02:09 pm

Storyline When a special princess disappears, a legendary folk hero monkey is called for once again, his name, feared throughout the heavens and hells.

bowengs profile
bowengs May 01, 2022 at 03:46 am

I guesse maybe IMDb don't want be quoted

Etienne54 profile
Etienne54 May 01, 2022 at 03:13 am

Just wondering, why is there no synopsis on basically all films?