Chris Distefano: Speshy Weshy


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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 76%
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May 09, 2022 at 09:46 AM


Mike Lavin

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Chris DiStefano as
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Foutainoflife 4 / 10


He said a few things that were funny but I guess I just wasn't feeling it. Not sure if it was the round about way he got to the punch lines, the topics or the physical delivery but it just didn't quite work. Comedy is different for everyone though. So, taking that into consideration along with the belief that everyone should laugh more I say go for it. It's not a long performance. If it's not for you, turn it off but if it works, you'll be glad you watched it. :)

Reviewed by AfricanBro 6 / 10

Pandy wandy

It's funny because I found out about this guy on Tom segura's and Bert kreisher's show and thought it was Chris d'elia at first; he talked about how no one wanted to buy his special and was just gonna do it regardless then put it on YouTube. I think it's kinda funny how he calls them all out, hbo, Hulu, Netflix and all, and Netflix changed their minds, bought it and still kept it in. I was kinda shocked that it's a little short at 36min but I like it. I don't want to say it but it just feels like a typical white guy comedy at first but it is funny. He seemed to wonder or try to wonder off into the edgy material content but never really commits to it here. I don't know if all his specials are like that. I love how he talks about how white guys are getting canceled and he's switching over, I loved that part. Every time I watch stand up specials I'm usually inclined to give it a 7 or 6/10 because I'm like ouu I like that, but you can't really give it a rating because humor is subjective and just depends on what you like. I just try listening to all sorts of comedy so you'll find me laughing at dry dad jokes at one moment, a girl complaining about their Frappuccino order getting messed up after spin class in the next moment and then later hear me laughing at distasteful jokes about dead babies or religion. I just think funny is funny. Chris distefano felt like white guy comedy but I still thought he was good at it and just didn't showcase what he's capable of. I mean you can tell, the specials name is speshy weshy and he calls the pandemic the "pandy wandy" and that just felt like white vibes I think.

Reviewed by genious-35413 8 / 10

Ignore The Bad Review

Not surprising that a reviewer that refers to Netflix as 'Neggflixx' doesn't seem to get it. If you know Distefano, then you know how funny he can be. Especially if you've heard his bit about his Dad in his last special. Now he adds a lot of funny stuff about being married to a Latina woman - and not the usual material you hear on that topic.

And if you don't know Distefano, check it out. It's short but packed full of laughs. I mean, not anything as funny as calling something 'Neggflixx' but that kind of comedy is from the REAL professionals.

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fidey79 profile
fidey79 May 10, 2022 at 12:04 pm

Can you add the subtitles for the other languages?