Lord of the Toys

2018 [GERMAN]


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December 12, 2022 at 02:43 PM


Pablo Ben Yakov

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Reviewed by brycezimm 10 / 10

A Groundbreaking Triumph of Documentary Filmmaking

Playing off the tradition of observational documentary, Lord of the Toys takes the form to a new level. Unprecedented access to the characters combined with the wonderfully expressive cinematography and editing results in such a well constructed film that at times it feels almost scripted. The issue of giving problematic figures a platform is a current issue and this film solves that problem by focusing on the emotions between the moments and not letting the inflammatory content they promote take centre stage. Overall a brilliant, affecting film that brings you closer to understanding the people behind the actions and ultimately expresses our shared humanity.

Reviewed by Kay-Green- 10 / 10

One of the Best Films at Hot Docs This Year

Lord of the Toys is a perfect embodiment of Direct Cinema and is exactly the type of film we need to facilitate discussion on the zeitgeist of right wing rhetoric and internet media. Following a group of twentysomething youtube stars, this film pulls back the curtain to expose the banal and mundane workings of the internet generation and the dangerous messages they propagate - forcing us to ask tougher questions about masculinity, community and belonging. I can only imagine the poor reviews are coming from audiences who like to be spoon fed a narrative so they can walk out of a film only to regurgitate facts they gleaned from talking heads. This film will not tell you how to think about these often odious characters but will most definitely leave you with enough imagery (both strikingly beautiful and horribly ugly) to at once feel contempt and pity for this generation. Truly thought-provoking and masterfully crafted.

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