Nil by Mouth



IMDb Rating 7.3 10 9431

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December 13, 2022 at 10:21 PM


Gary Oldman

Top cast

Ray Winstone as Raymond
Franc Ashman as Club Singer
Charlie Creed-Miles as Billy
Neil Maskell as Schmuddie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gwailo247 10 / 10

An unpleasant slice of life

I have a very hard time watching this movie. This is not a movie to put in for a relaxing night at home, as its very painful to watch. This is reality. These are situations that are happening right now in homes across the world.

This movie is extremely powerful in its portrayal of a working class British family, as the struggle with problems such as drug and domestic abuse. The acting is simply amazing. It practically transcends acting and you feel that you are watching real people struggle through these things. Its a reality show in which the people don't know they're being watched.

This film is a tough journey to take, as its very painful and emotional, but it is ultimately rewarding to sit through it and reach the conclusion.

Very highly recommended, but be warned, this movie pulls no punches and shows you life as it is.

Reviewed by fertilecelluloid 9 / 10

Hellish domestic drama

This is hellish domestic drama from director/writer Gary Oldman. It feels real because, for him, it was real, it was his life growing up in South London. Ray Winstone as the abusive Ray is amazing, as is Kathy Burke as Ray's wife and full time punching bag Valerie. Oldman employs a rough and ready style and gives the actors lots of room to move and react within the frame. The result is an incendiary experience, a film that leaves you gasping for fresh air and in awe of the superb performances, sharp cutting, great sound design and unapologetic subject matter. It doesn't angle for simple solutions to its powerhouse issues and isn't all misery, either. It's about strength and the the power of personal responsibility. Superb.

Reviewed by =G= 8 / 10

Punishing reality

"Nil by Mouth" is not so much a story as it is a slice-of-miserable-life snapshot of the lives of a working class English family which brings new meaning to the word "dysfunctional". Gritty and harsh, this film swirls like a cyclone of anger, violence, anguish, and regret around a handful of adult characters who suffer from alcohol abuse, spousal abuse, drug abuse, etc. presented in a drab and tightly cropped format with brutal reality. A worthy first directorial outing for actor Gary Oldman, this bitter drama offers some fine performances and startling reality but may not reward viewers with a strong enough plot to make the two hour watch worthwhile. For realists only. (B )

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