Two Tickets to Paradise


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.8 10 754

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June 27, 2022 at 01:11 AM


Dustin Rikert

Top cast

Ashley Williams as Hannah Holt
Jhey Castles as Sara Holt
Kimee Balmilero as Kailani Reyes
Ashley Weismantel as Becca
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by druatlax 9 / 10

The best Hallmark I have seen

Everything about this movie (with the exception of the condensed 1.5hr shrink of a good story for advertisements added).

Story, actors, director, setting -all were quite perfect. Have not truly enjoyed the comedy, the great chemistry between all the actors, the real enjoyment watching a good full length movie can bring. Hallmark is not known for this-but all is good here... Caveat again:, It was too short.

Ryan and Ashley clicked. Their comedic timing was perfect . Their supporting cast was perfect as well... enjoyable to connect with, "real" people .

Fans calling for a sequel are serious. This is the best "feel good" movie I have seen in years... We fans need: More surfing, snorkeling, and the beauty of Hawaii.

Loved it. Please repeat the good feels.

Reviewed by YabbaDabbaDabba 1 / 10

This Could Have Been a "4 or 5" But No Higher

What in the heck happened to Hallmark? This movie could have been okay, never good, but okay. BUT they just had to insert the two gay blades throughout, and turned the movie to yuck! They met their homosexual quota, I suppose, but ruined the movie. Two males kissing and acting really gay just didn't work. It was offensive.

Normally I am just disappointed that two middle aged people are unattached and fall in love (for the first time), the sad (make that really bad) clothing the guys must wear, the heavy makeup to cover all the wrinkles in the face, and you know, that kind of stuff. This time, however, Hallmark hit the crapper. Over the top with this stuff sent the movie straight to the pits. If Hallmark keeps this garbage up I'm done. It's an easy click to drop Hallmark from my favorites. There are too many shows to choose from. You should do this too.

Reviewed by jfenn53058 5 / 10

What the other reviewers aren't saying...or maybe no one cares anymore

I'm still not used to Hallmark having genuflected to the gay agenda in their movie making - here is yet another movie gratuitously adding a gay couple - the two men kissing about the 20 minute mark caught me off guard...followed by their involvement in the story as it moved along, the one actor over the top effeminate, similar to the over the top pool boy who noticed Reese Witherspoon's shoes in Legally Blonde - but instead of a brief appearance as with that movie, imagine a 2 hour movie where they play a prominent role...record and fast forward if kids are watching perhaps?

I wish Hallmark would warn families some material may be objectionable to young viewers, or something...And don't we know there is a reason their part in the story isn't in the previews its sad that I need to screen Hallmark movies now, of all things.

Otherwise the story is ok...The two leads do okay, the female plays an actuary so the improbability of them being dumped at the altar on the same day in the same general location, and then flying to Hawaii and ending up at the same resort by chance isn't lost on the you have to lower the hurdle of belief a bit, but what are movies for anyway?

Hawaii setting helps, the story is a bit weak, the leads are strong...a 'what if' sort of movie...a bit too convoluted towards the end, to suddenly bring closure right then on the 2 respective 'dumpers' making peace with the 2 leads...

Give it a shot...or not...I was disappointed obviously, others loved it....if not for the leads, then for Hawaii setting perhaps?

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Comic_Book_Guy profile
Comic_Book_Guy June 27, 2022 at 02:41 am

WORST sl@sher movie... EVER !!! :)