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February 11, 2022 at 01:10 AM


Natsuki Seta

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by samihaarora 8 / 10

Completely unexpected. Enjoyable movie with a subtle message

Refreshing storyline. Very thought provoking. It's all about the perspective. Makes one reflect on life after watching this. But rather subtle and not at all over the top.

All characters were portrayed well. Looking forward to watching more movies like this.

Reviewed by ricdesan 10 / 10

The journey post life that seems plausible.

From such a review you would not guess there are subdued undercurrents of such deep emotion. There is that and more.

After a passed soul is popped into another body and tasked with finding out "how, (more like why) the other human is deceased this journey begins. The outside soul drops without a clue into the old life and has an inordinately hard time unearthing the death of the body!

As the 100 days pass like the lazy hours of sun on a summer day he is immersed into the that life. Its sweet and mysterious and his progress is non- existent in uncovering the clues. Those around him that admire and perhaps adore him are of little help.

While he gets closer to the truth and gains insight the tone of the movie changes and brings the truth to the front in way that completely surprises.

As his understand grows it is how the filmmaker brings you intimately to the story and how as with real life not all is as it seems and its compelling and poignant in the way that great Japanese film has mastered.

As such it becomes an instant all time favorite human film that will rank on all time lists easily and will be a film that the heart will want to revisit ... many times.

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mamzzz profile
mamzzz February 11, 2022 at 07:57 am

Colorful Live Action Version?