Wrapped Up in Love


Comedy / Family / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.2 10 268

Plot summary

January 06, 2023 at 11:42 PM


Michelle Ouellet

Top cast

Art Hindle as Mr. Collins
Brittany Bristow as Ashley
Olivier Renaud as Ben
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rhonnie-43139 7 / 10

It was OK

Not great but just okay. The plot is not original. I didn't think there was much chemistry between the leads. I like the male lead in other movies. This was not a good movie for him but I guess he needed the work. The female lead was just annoying here but she has been OK in other movies. It was uncomfortable to watch them try to connect.

There was the usually misunderstanding towards the end of the movie because one of them misheard something. The reaction from the one that misunderstood the comment resulted in some pretty rude behavior.

Because of this overreaction, I found the ending awkward. Hard to watch, including the big kiss. Yikes!! I gave it a higher score because I liked some of the music and would like to see the male lead get casted again but hopefully in a better movie

Reviewed by donnamontague-13844 4 / 10

It's been done... so many times...

I watch this type of movie all the time, really don't expect much and therefore, I usually enjoy them for what they are.

This is the typical Christmas Story that has been done many times before. Department store themed, Ashley works there, Ben is related to the owner and comes in and starts making changes. Invariably, one of them is the more traditional, the other is more modern and therefore their opinions clash.

I could tell straight away that this was written by a male, and wasn't surprised when I looked to check. One scene in particular where Ashley agrees to assist Ben with the editing of a video he made about the store. She arrives at his house and when he opens the door she hands him a 'housewarming' gift, that he does not thank her for. He then proceeds to invite her inside for which she thanks him... for what? For the pleasure of assisting him?

I could have played this movie in the background while doing housework and would still have been able to follow the story. It was something of a snooze-fest.... And that's coming from somebody that is very accepting of this style of movie and watches dozens every year.

Reviewed by Jackbv123 5 / 10

Not as jolly as I'd hoped with Bristow in the cast

I love Brittany Bristow because she is always so cheerful. Her Ashley had that dialed down a bit in this movie largely because of the rivalry with Ben. Ben makes the classic new guy in charge mistake by being overly enthusiastic to make changes for change sake. Ashley is slightly adverse to change and gets defensive, perhaps a little unfairly, but not surprising given her history with the store. This mutual rivalry lasts a while and saps from the chemistry between Bristow and Olivier Renaud. Often a good rivalry just spices up the chemistry, but this one seemed to have an edge instead of good fun. Eventually the two get in sync, but it isn't long before Ashley suffers the usual misunderstanding and the edge is back.

I wonder if they had to practice hard to say "Co COO" as many times as they said it. This phrase annoyed me especially since it refers to a small town department store manager position. OK, put on airs if you want, but the mantra of keeping in touch with the community and staff was repeated even more often and I can't see how such a title fosters that attitude.

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