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February 11, 2022 at 04:13 AM


Matt Smith

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David Beckham as Self
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Reviewed by allanmichael30 6 / 10

More about promoting his career

Not just about his private life, as advertised, which is good and does not address all story's and sleaze. Its all about his big impact he made as a kid and his football achievements.

Reviewed by Lejink 7 / 10

Wayne's World

My wife knows next tonothjng about football but it was actually her who suggested we watch this documentary on ex-Man United star Wayne Rooney. Now making a decent fist of managing cash-strapped Championship side Derby County who are trying to overcome a 21 point penalty deduction. For financial irregularities, Rooney will always be best known for his on-field exploits at Everton, his boyhood team, Manchester United, where he became their top scorer and ditto for the England national side.

He's also had a colourful personal life where, according to this documentary, bad personal decisions made in bad company have led him to binge-drinking excesses and more than one encounter with sex-workers. Despite these, his childhood sweetheart wife Coleen has resolutely stood by her man, even if the tabloid press still consider the couple fair game fir exploitation at the first hunt of scandal.

Reviewed by vus29 4 / 10

English please

Difficult to understand, the Liverpool accent is something else. If only Wayne could articulate himself better, show some emotion but he just comes off so monotone, dull and boring. He's had a brilliant career but my god is he a boring lad. Too boring for TV or for a film, unless you're a scouser or a football fan. Most of the commentators are more expressive, put this on if you want to fall asleep.

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m_almarzoqi profile
m_almarzoqi February 21, 2022 at 01:50 pm

Rooney was goat in he's prime

astrorock profile
astrorock February 11, 2022 at 11:47 am

one for the footy poofs