Operation Romeo

2022 [HINDI]

Drama / Mystery

IMDb Rating 6.3 10 949

Plot summary

July 19, 2022 at 05:28 AM


Shashant Shah

Top cast

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by seriouscritic 10 / 10

Intense and engaging

Surprised at the low ratings. Excellent acting by everyone especially Sharad Kelkar. The only other person who could have done as good as Sharad is this guy from Crime Patrol..don't remember his name. But Sharad was awesome and so were the debutant actors. Was happy to watch a good movie after a long time on Netflix..The director may have had many options on how to end the movie but his pick was brave but perfect.

Reviewed by EngineerSahab 7 / 10

A slow burner assault and revenge thriller

I always thought that certain laughable steps taken by the system could definitely lead someone misusing it to the core and this flick successfully manages to draw our attention towards such issues.

The west has SWAT and we once had Romeo Squad, a name that terrified young couples in certain parts of the country for being guilty of falling in love and looking for some descent quality time in public places.

The true criminals weren't scared much of the consequences of their deeds as the romantically involved couples were of the Romeo Squad and this fear created by the system along with the support of several media firms opened the door of opportunities for many sick minded people to gamble on this fear.

I am sure many of you have questions as to why am I even talking about the subject that does not has any direct relation with this movie.

Here is the clarification, for international audience to understand why this couple feared so much of the consequences for hardly committing a crime; the audience needed to know everything that is going on in a developing country like ours.

Now for the movie, it did take some time to build up the momentum, which I believe was justified to give little time for character development and Kelkar's entry makes it loud and clear that the thrill ride has begun.

As for the lead pair, I having an experience of watching over 1000 movies/series and can definitely tell that Sidhant Gupta has got game when it comes to acting (really did a good job). Since it's Miss Pinto's debut she should be spared from the reviewers rage. A movie where you have limited dialogues to deliver shouldn't really be anyone's dream debut, nevertheless her acting wasn't bad either and I must say she has a very expressive eyes (you can actually feel the fear her character was experiencing)

The second half is where you see Bhoomika Chawla and I have no complaints from her. She is Bhoomika who even in the most angry avatar couldn't scare a fly. She was good.

A fine flick with a great message to all the young adults out there!

Reviewed by mayankshukla1404 8 / 10

A socially relevant thriller!

Finally watched Operation Romeo on Netflix. This was one film I was waiting for since I saw its trailer. The film lacked aggressive promotional strategy and was released in the theatres. It went unnoticed and didn't work at the box office unfortunately. Even now it's arrival on Netflix has been without any noise.

After watching the film I can say it met my expectations. It satisfies on many counts. Firstly as a socially relevant film about moral policing. Secondly as a romantic thriller/ revenge drama that has you gripped right from the word go.

All the actors have done a fantastic job. Sharad Kelkar is terrific. The lead actors Sidhant Gupta and Vedika Pinto who debuts here are impressive. They share an adorable chemistry. Sidhant gets many moments to shine and has a brilliant transition in the film. Bhumika Chawla is good.

Director Shashant Shah has made a really good film. Quality content like this certainly deserves an audience. Hopefully with good word of mouth it now gets love and appreciation.

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k1h2a3n4 July 19, 2022 at 01:28 pm

Pankaj Tripathi 's ( sherdil 2022 ) please!