My Grown-Up Christmas List


Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.6 10 647

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July 21, 2022 at 10:40 AM


Andrew Cymek

Top cast

James M Jenkinson as Grandpa Frank Taber
Kayla Wallace as Taylor Nichols
Kevin McGarry as Luke Malone
Cory Lee as Bonnie Curtis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by garysteinweg 7 / 10

Good Story - Sloppy Soldiers

First off, it's a nice story. A little far-fetched regarding a romance developing over so much time with so little actual interaction. But, the "military bearing" of the protagonist is eye-popping. It's been alluded to by others, but I'll elaborate a little. First, the hero's hair is much too long, and he frequently appears outside in uniform without his cover (hat). At his wedding he shows up in his uniform looking like he'd just come from a barroom brawl - again no cover, lapel crossed-rifle insignia misaligned, and his ribbons tilting at a 30-degree angle. This HAD to be done on purpose for reason(s) I can't begin to understand. Finally, the girlfriend shows up in far north ice country in a dress??? Again, pickiness aside, it's a Christmassy mooby worth watching.

Reviewed by parksidedrive 6 / 10

So-So Hallmark Movie

First, I love Hallmark Christmas movies. This attempt was a miss. Story is a little far-fetched but acceptable because it's Hallmark.

What does stand out as a glaring mistake: The long hair for the military is way off. The low, low cleavage of the wedding dress was a "what was I thinking" dress faux pas.

Movie had some laughs for all the wrong reasons.

Better luck next time, Hallmark.

Reviewed by mccabe-shannon 7 / 10

Other reviews are too flowing, but still a good outing.

I love Kevin. He is so attractive, seems genuinely nice and acts well I like most of his work. His costar was adorable. And most people are right that they had good chemistry. But they were never together.

I needed more of the first year and then getting to know each other.

I like the idea of changing time periods given that he is deployed but some of it didn't make sense. She loves so far away and then came twice the first year just before xmas and for xmas (yes I get anniversary of moms death) but next year they have the xmas dinner and then she goes back to work across the country then back there? Then a video engagement and then the whole wedding is to be planned by the time he is home? So you've seen each other in person like 4 or 5 days? Not by the time of engagement. Even. By the time of the wedding. Is this a bravo movie?

I thought his mom was adorable. Her grandpa seemed too young.

Also he is close to 40. He shouldn't be that shocked to become a captain.

This is a movie that could have benefitted a ton by another 42 minutes (or hour in the time) I needed to see more about why and how they fell in love and their relationship while he was gone.

Also I can't stand when it's the small town and they don't know each other? It wasn't as if her mom grew up there and she lived elsewhere. She said she hadn't been back since (which we know from hallmark is typically a parents death and in this case was only 2 years). Grandpa knew the family well. He sent the basket to the house and didn't know it was the grandpas? It's all it logical.

With all that said. It's very cute. It's better acted and produced than most. And I love them all. Worth a watch!

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ImNotSiskel profile
ImNotSiskel July 30, 2022 at 06:54 pm much extra did that guy demand before he would get a hair that is actually authorized by Army Regulation 670-1? We all accept little mess-ups with uniform accouterments, for goodness least make them look like they belong in the military VS a California Hippie compound.

oroville profile
oroville July 22, 2022 at 09:56 am

Gut needs a haircut and looks like a simp.

Bungleby_Joyce profile
Bungleby_Joyce July 22, 2022 at 01:53 am

So sickly sweet that Diabetics have been warned to avoid it! :) :)

Brakakus profile
Brakakus July 21, 2022 at 11:56 am

Zortox defecates better slime than this.

maxxamilli profile
maxxamilli July 21, 2022 at 10:01 am

Thx for the hallmark upload