Fittest on Earth: Next Gen


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July 24, 2022 at 09:01 PM


Mariah Moore

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Reviewed by samanthahaxton 2 / 10

What happened ???

I love CrossFit and can't wait for this show every year. Everyone left with a personality wasn't given any time or much time. Such a disappointment, and apparently they are now going for boring as a goal.

Reviewed by ianadams-24739 3 / 10

I'd hire Heber and Marston to direct 2022

This should be titled "The Fittest - Tia Clair" because that's what you're watching. Which on one hand makes sense, she's the GOAT but give her her own movie. As far as the rest of the documentary is concerned:

1.) Not very exciting at all. Why are we watching the events in like this weird highlight form where I'm watching the end > beginning > middle but not showing you know, the event in sequential order while showing off the people that won. Daniel Brandon's insane handstand walk? Nothing but a mention, Gi's and Royce's snatch battle? Nope. Jeff Adler being the only one to do the clean, run event. NOTHING! It's a huge disservice to the athletes who should be getting the recognition they deserve for beating the greatest CrossFit athletes in the world at an event.

2.) About an hour thirty into the movie they actually give about 2 mins talking about the changing of the guard with some cool footage of Panchik, Mal, etc. Other than that we don't get much interviews from anybody, I mean hardly anything, unless your name was Tia, Annie, Justin, or Pat. Would've been cool to hear from Dukic, Hopper, Katrin, Eramo, people that won events or came close to winning.

3.) There were some great story lines, Annie's return after giving birth, Tia's domination, the new kids on the block, Panchik retiring, Holte retiring, who'd become the new men's champ, how Covid affected things. That being said all of these were touched on but could have had way more air time. This could've been like a limited series and done a better job of hitting on these.

All and all, the media team that got fired a few years back had this incredible ability to make great content around CrossFit and the CrossFit games because they were purists, in my opinion. They knew the athletes, the sport, they loved it, they knew who to talk to, etc. So for 2022 let's reach out to Sevan, Heber, Marston, and the rest of the team who worked on the years past for at least some consulting on how to make 2022 Fittest better.

Reviewed by mikehoare 6 / 10

Good, but not great

Not as good as the previous fittest on earth series from previous years. There was a bit more focus on the athletes backstories and less on thr story of the games.

Not one full event was shown and event standings throughout the documentary we're rushed.

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paddypat profile
paddypat July 25, 2022 at 01:38 am

'roid rage!