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February 17, 2022 at 11:12 AM


Ashley Eakin

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Reviewed by facebook-50467 1 / 10

So wrong

First off, there are some sentences in the end of the short movie and they are just not correct. It is important to have a good understanding of history, so I am going to correct those first.

"In 1939 Hitler implemented Aktion T4, which led to the murder of 300,000 disabled people, while sterilizing an additional 400,000. This secret program developed the gas chamber technology used in concentration camps during WWII.

This history of disabled lives has slowly been forgotten."

1. "Aktion T4" is a wording that was made up after the war. The Nazis were mostly referring to this simply as "Aktion" and it is known today in Germany by "Euthanasie" (euthanasia). In Germany the word "Euthanasie" today only refers to the program of the Nazis, its original meaning is given in the dictionary, but there is a remark explaining this.

The sterilization of 400,000 people was a public process, actually governed by laws. It started before the "Aktion", which was secret. Other countries that sterilized people with certain types of disabilities at the time were Switzerland, Denmark and Canada. Some of them started doing this before the Nazis. So, "Aktion" and sterilization are actually very different in character.

2. Gas chambers were not used in concentration camps. They were used in extermination camps. Very big difference and absolutely necessary to make. Without it, it is not possible to understand how these mass-murders were organized.

3. Claiming that the history of disabled lives has slowly been forgotten is just a statement to promote self-importance. On the contrary, while the remembrance was mainly focused on Jews in the decades after WWII, more and more groups have found recognition as victims of Nazi crimes in later years and are remembered not only in today's memorial services, but also as part of the curriculum in public schools.

For the content of the movie: Maybe people are less educated about history today or generally more gullible, but lately there have been a lot of supposed "period pieces" that have nothing period to them. These are productions that put 21st century people in costumes and settings of a different time, then take some naïve idea about that time to tell a story that they could just as well have told in the 21st century or in a fantasy setting. The "period" seems to serve artistic and marketing purposes and there is no actual effort to really portray the supposed period at all.

From the first pictures in this short movie, I had the feeling it was going to be like this. And it was. Just search: "German classroom 1939" or 1940. Make sure, you are actually looking at a German class room of that time. Pay attention to the seating order and the postures. Do you see any mixed-gender classes or a woman teaching boys? Do you see anyone, boy or girl with hair covering most of their forehead? No? That is because it did not exist. If you happen to see a picture of a primary school, where coeducation existed, you might notice that the boys all sit in the middle. The girls sit around them.

Now, just by doing half an hour google search, you personally have the knowledge to improve the first scene of the movie. Just get everybody to get the hair out of their face as much as possible, make them sit straight and sit the girls at the side and the boys in center. If you want to save money, then you don't paint the whole wall with red and swastika, but hang a flag somewhere instead. Now, you even saved money, while improving the movie. Could a producer show us more clearly that they did not do any research than by spending money on things that could have been done better with less money spent?

So, the scenes are all completely unrealistic, not only in details but as a whole. So is the story. Basically, the story is that some soldiers pull up to the house of a teacher and her son. The son, who is missing a limb of one arm, is running away. He stops at a barn and there is a woman hidden and it is actually pretty confusing what that has to do with anything, but it is used plot-wise to make the boy show himself again to the soldiers and keep running. Then he is followed by one of the three soldiers, their officer. They fight, he kills the officer with the officer's pistol and then puts on the officer's coat and keeps on marching away.

I don't get the whole point of the story. Why should any of this have happened? The idea of wanting to kill a young boy for missing a limb is completely absurd.

Here is an idea for the producers: If you want to make a movie again about something that actually happened, consult with experts and then do that. Don't make something and pretend it has anything to do with things that actually happened.

One star for misinforming the public and making me write this review trying to stop that from being successful.

I just hope that this kind of movie stops being made. You can't learn from the past, if you think it is different than it was.

Reviewed by CriticalShock 1 / 10

Manipulative and historically inaccurate

Aktion T4 was a real thing, but it was carried out in secrecy by doctors performing involuntary euthanasia, this short portrays it as if Hitler ordered the army to hunt their own non-Jew German citizens the same way the SS hunted Jews. If such a thing had really happened, the Nazis would have lost all their popular support. The soldiers are portrayed as blood thirsty lunatics, immediately killing the boy's mother because she didn't open the door within 3 seconds. As if the historical inaccuracies weren't enough the ending is an insult to the viewers' intelligence, because we're supposed to believe a disabled boy can overpower a grown up armed soldier, lol. It's a shame this short is so bad, because this is a really interesting and little known part of German history.

Reviewed by kosmasp 7 / 10

Empathy (and the lack therof)

During or even before the second world war, the Nazi regime targeted people it deemed lesser. With Aryans allegedly and supposedly being superior to others (be it religious beliefs, skin color or simply race). One group that gets almost forgotten, are the physically disabled. Like the protagonist in this short movie.

A short movie that is very well done and that shows how cruel and mad people got back then. Tension filled and really tight, I would not be surprised if this wins (or has won by the time you read this) awards. Short and while maybe not so sweet (subject matter), this checks all the "right" boxes. Nothing to forgive here ...

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magasa profile
magasa February 19, 2022 at 07:35 pm

swanee: Yeah... it's called "a short movie" DUH!

Swanee profile
Swanee February 18, 2022 at 11:25 am

This is only a 13 minute movie.

YouCanTrustMe profile
YouCanTrustMe February 18, 2022 at 05:28 am

Wok wok BS hahahah