Tom Daley: Illegal to Be Me



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August 13, 2022 at 07:36 PM


Luke Korzun Martin

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lukadujic 10 / 10

Shocking :(

It is shocking that this is still happening to homosexual people in 2022 :( :( :( :( Hope this documentary will impact people to realize what is happening in the world.

Reviewed by studioAT 6 / 10

Tom Daley: Illegal to Be Me

A very interesting and thought provoking documentary actually, with Tom Daley proving to be a rather engaging and thoughtful presenter.

I hope this goes some way to spark a sense of change.

Good stuff.

Reviewed by chris_rowe-881-168820 1 / 10

Just stop

Although he actually backtracks on the point of this as obviously it alienates him from the games he hypocritically contradicted all this to say it's ok to compete there.

Let's be honest British people like me are privileged and we have things better than most and even though society is regressing as social media has created a generation of people to lazy to make change happen but outraged enough to tweet and get the real people outraged. All the Celebs don't donate much or turn up to rally's nope just the minimum wage people hey!

To clarify I think hate on gender, sexuality or race is illogical, ridiculous and just stupid. We all just want to be happy! Simple.

However, it's also very easy to go from a country where life is very easy to go to places with different cultures and under developed or even backwards societal rules. It's easy to shame even big countries like India, china and USA for the many human injustices and awful laws and treatments of people but that's not trendy.

We live in a country that's going to price millions of people out of being able to eat comfortably soon let alone enjoy anything they've earned by working hard because they keep accepting raising every price and bill and never things like wages, they'll throw some token money at you like covid times but it'll all just be taken back in another way eventually.

It's very easy to cherry pick things to make other cultures look awful but it's just glorifying hate, not trying for change, it's just shaming countries when let's be honest there are far more disgusting human rights issues in countries than excepting sexualities, whilst important it's just more trendy tv rubbish ignoring real problems where people are being treated like less than nothing.

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