Romance in Style


Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 7.2 10 607

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August 15, 2022 at 09:49 PM


Michael Robison

Top cast

Jaicy Elliot as Ella
Benjamin Hollingsworth as Derek
Jorja Cadence as Liza
Laura Soltis as Claudia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by famielovez 10 / 10

Refreshing and unique

Hallmark is finally making movies that bring a true connection with the characters and to the audience. This movie was enjoyable to watch, and the chemistry between the main two actors is sweet and romantic. I'm so glad Hallmark is trying new stories. They made this one into gold.

Reviewed by d-robold 9 / 10

Full of Life

Instead of a typical, stale plot, this movie made statements without preaching, and the romance was secondary. The chemistry between the leads was not forced or cringeworthy, but easy and believable. The lead actors were so natural and really likable that the story was a pleasure to watch. The movie flowed beautifully and I sincerely hope Hallmark makes more of these types of movies.

Reviewed by dorothyexeter 9 / 10

Great Story Depicting the Required Slow Change Occurring in the Fashion Industry and More

Unlike the one poor review that has been written thus far, I give high praises to this film. Here is a beautiful story of how the fashion world should be ... and is slowly becoming. As we all know, these major changes do not occur overnight.

This is a great reflection of those who are instrumental in making these changes evolve in reality.

Yes, there is a romantic relationship evolving with Ella and Derek It is great that it is not the over the top style that too many Hallmarks are!

It is more realistic with how quality relationships evolve.

... A small take on the Cinderella story ... her name is Ella after all! :)

Jaicy (Ella) played this role very well ... Confident, but not over confident ... after all she is standing up to the prejudices that exist in the fashion industry. What does one expect? Size 16 is not that much bigger than 14!

And I can vouch that the sizes in numbers appear to have come down to be smaller than they were years ago! So, 16 is most likely the 14 of years ago! Great to see skill admired and rewarded.

Great to see a sound character at the helm of this fashion company, Benjamin (Derek) to assist with these changes. A comment was made by a reviewer of her dislike of Ben in the Virgin River series. In that series he was becoming a good person as he learned from his mistakes. He plays the role in this film very well and believable! Here he is a good person from the start.

Hurray to such a relationship starting, with both of them spearheading the progressive and quality future changes in the fashion industry! Perhaps a sequel? This warrants one much better than some others that Hallmark has done ... and ensure the quality remains the same in the sequel!

Enjoy everyone!

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1Q1A1Z profile
1Q1A1Z September 22, 2022 at 10:26 pm

Click bait... movie cover! Slim on the cover, fat as a seal in the movie! Instant DELETE!