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August 19, 2022 at 11:07 PM


Ben Rood

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hobbittall 3 / 10

Not very funny, boring characters

Awkward no-homo relationship with cringe moments every minute does not encourage the viewer to take much interest in this film. The two "best buds" should've just kissed 'n groped in the first scene and got it over with - then they could put it down to teenage curiosity. (No, guys, there's no gay relationship.) Was clearly supposed to be a comedy but it didn't seem very funny to me. Perhaps it was the combination of what seemed like stilted lines and their self-conscious delivery.

Reviewed by kellyfox-50788 7 / 10

Moving on with more than just furniture

A fun, light-hearted film that ends up with a few more layers than you might initially think there would be. It's fun watching the pieces of the story come together as the movers work through friendships, shared history and maybe find that age 28 can be a lot more interesting than 18.

Reviewed by A_Different_Drummer 6 / 10

Swings at every pitch; hits a bunch (IMDb Top Reviewer)

Auteur Ben Rood (as both Director & Writer) appears to have been aiming for a raunchier version of FRIENDS, but ended up with something more like an edgier version of BREAKFAST CLUB. Nothing can change the fact that this is, and always will be, a low-budget indie. But, within that select niche, it sets a nice pace off the top and maintains it throughout. The leads definitely have "bro" chemistry, the rest of the cast is somewhat less reliable. There are moments -- too many -- when you get the feeling that Rood made this entire project happen just to show off his script. Which, to be fair, is definitely a cut above.

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paddypat profile
paddypat August 19, 2022 at 10:37 pm

Pretty weak! So bad that to butch up these two effeminate guys, they used "best bros" instead of friends.