Dating the Delaneys


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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August 21, 2022 at 10:42 PM


Allan Harmon

Top cast

Rachel Boston as
Riley Davis as John McDermott
Paul Campbell as
Zoë Christie as Emma
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jewhitmer25 8 / 10

Fun movie

Rachel Boston and Paul Campbell were great and seemed to really enjoy being together. There was real chemistry there. Although the un-funny puns got old after a while. Enough is enough already.

Zoe Christie as Emma, looked WAY to old to be a teenager with a crush. She just couldn't pull off playing a 16 year old. Frankly she looked closer to a 30 something. It spoiled the whole teenage Delaney dating part of the storyline. And sitting and staring ALL the time at the guy you have a crush on was just creeoy. I didn't blame the guy for ignoring her.

My advice: great family flilm, not Shakespeare, but entertaining.

Reviewed by Jackbv123 7 / 10

It's the main actors more than the story

This is mostly a typical story with some minor differences. In ways, it's not a lot different than the last movie starring Boston and Campbell, The Last Bridesmaid. The leads hang together avoiding any sense they are dating each other. In this one, they knew each other already and decide to help each other enter the dating market by "practicing". Add to that story a daughter that has a crush but spends time with her lab partner and grandmother who already is well on her way to a new beau.

Boston and Campbell have great chemistry together. Any couple who can banter the "bad" jokes and puns so smoothly has to have chemistry. They have tons of fun together and the audience tags along.

The ex-husband is there mostly as a stereotype of an absolutely terrible dad. He was a little too much.

There are no great highs or lows and definitely no surprises but the movie is still fun.

Reviewed by shobbs-86081 9 / 10

Such a welcome view!

I often write reviews about movies I don't like. This review is for a Hallmark movie that really touched me positively from the beginning to the sweet end. Of course, the lead actors need chemistry and rapport to make a good romance, and these two are such good friends and partners even before they realize the relationship in full depth. Supporting actors (including the kids) were solid, and there were none of the extra plot kinks that make for awkward breakups or interruptions of the action. I highly recommend this one and honestly cannot think of anything major to gripe about. What fun!

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