Swamp Lion


Crime / Drama / Western

IMDb Rating 6.6 10 69

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August 23, 2022 at 07:11 PM


Torben Bech

Top cast

Bre Blair as Bee
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fgpsdtrk 10 / 10

Great little indie gem!

Heard about this film at the Pioneertown film festival where it won Best Feature. Glad I remebered it and saw it just now on Amazon. It's a slow-ish (I like those) but impactful indie. Really enjoyed it! I hope it gets a good distribution. Would love to see it in theaters. Rumors said it was shot for almost nothing, truly impressive. The last 30mins or so will keep you glued to your seat! Beautifully shot and great locations. I loved Luis Bordonado as the brother... Michael Escamilla is wonderful in the lead. Bre Blair is great also. I hope this review can help it find an audience. Don't miss it if you like these kinda flicks!

Reviewed by Top_Dawg_Critic 7 / 10

It could've been much better with a seasoned filmmaker consulting to avoid the rookie mistakes.

Newb Danish filmmaker Torben Bech wrote, produced and directed this film, and although a decent story, he had too many rookie mistakes. His directing certainly had lots of room for improvement, with too many long dragged out scenes, and some irrelevant shots. The shaky-cam filming was annoying, but got better as the film progressed (or I got used to it). The editing was terrible - if there even was any. Scenes just ended in black and/or had lousy transitions.

Conceptually, the story held my attention, and tension and suspense elevate towards the ending, but the rest of the film needed major trimming. There were many noticeable plot and technical issues, most that could've easily been avoided. The 111 min runtime felt much longer with the very slow pacing. Many scenes could've been cut out as they were just filler. This film needed some major trimming down to a max of a 90 min runtime.

The score was surprisingly decent, if not lacking in quantity, but still better than the typical B film constant, loud, overbearing and unfitting score. Casting was good, with Bre Blair and Luis Bordonada being the most convincing, and Michael Ray Escamilla the least convincing; he was too monotonic and lacked facial expressions, but I'm sure most of the blame falls onto Bech for failing to direct his cast properly.

It's a decent one-time watch for a non-Hollywood-ish production in this genre. It's a generous 7/10 from me, mostly for the final act that escalated with some great suspense and a tense ending.

Reviewed by ops-52535 10 / 10


If you like socialrealistic movies with loads of sadness and health, doing the crimes to pay the medical bills due to cancer illness without coverage then watch swamp lion, an incredible act by michael ray escamilla, that unfortunately passed away just after the filming of this movie. Let this film stay as a testament of brilliant acting, and may he rest in peace.

Its a very scandinavian produced texas drama, with vibes of european filmmaking, the plotflow is great, 1h.48 mins, rushed by in a splitsecond, and my first thought where, now ive got a new favourite actor in my filecabinet, but its always like that, the best passes away at the peak of the moment...

the film is also a gripping lovestory between hardworking people, and also a dent in the bumper of the vehicle called american health service, but most of all well acted, shortspoken and at moments ominous.story of highly realistic piece of silverscreen storytelling, lovely musical score is the dot over the I, a big recommend from the grumpy old man.

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