The Stepmother 2



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March 06, 2023 at 02:54 PM


Chris Stokes

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Erica Mena Samuels as Elizabeth Carter / Diana Valdez
Marques Houston as Eddie
Wesley Jonathan as Chris Harris
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Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 3 / 10

Better than the first

Tubi is all over this sequel to their movies thing, now with this second installment of The Stepmother. Directed by Chris Stokes (House Party 4, You Got Served) and co-written with Marques Houston, this movie again finds the stepmother (Erica Menda, Love & Hip Hop New York) moving on to enter and murder her next family. Now she's both Elizabeth Carter and Diana Valdez and if you think she died at the end of the last movie, well...

Now she has the family of Kevin Smith (Daniel Johnson) in her claws, but when his ex-wife Judi (Janet Smith) and best friend and former cop Chris Harris (Wesley Jonathan) get suspicious, Kevin starts to worry if this is the right woman to raise his son Dustin (LaVell Thompson Jr.). All the same, our stepmother is starting to lose it even more, seeing Frank from the last movie everywhere she goes.

They set up a sequel in this -- oh man, can I avoid ever sequels or Tubi? -- and the cops are as effective as the ones in any giallo. So of course, I watched this and yelled at the screen the entire time.

Reviewed by kc_jason-97119 10 / 10

Erica mena 10/10

From watching love and hip hop I never knew erica mena could act, the stepmother 1 and 2, Mena gives you a truly great performance from start to finish. She embody the character and makes you believe she is 100000% crazy. It was the 1st time seeing erica mena act and she nailed the part couldn't see anyone else playing this role. She had me fully convince she Nutts. Mena plays a women with mental health who suffers with PTSD and bipolar (that's what I got from watching it I could be wrong) the film is well written and the acting from erica mena is truly great. I watched both films back to back and would recommend anyone to watch.

Reviewed by ryanlion-38514 7 / 10

This is actually surprisingly pretty good!

This movie took me by suprise. It isn't overhyped over done or the most important to me; or too far fetched. This all could really happen. I'm not saying 100% real on every single thing, but I like that it isn't asking us to believe in martians flying then some stupid superficial twist. It has a pretty decent premise/plot and sticks to the story. Another thing that most films can't do. They try to weave too much together. This is just a story of a pyscho woman who escapes and is as they say in the film like a female Bundy. I don't know but it did hold my attention and better than most recent films. Check it out!

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