Love, Fashion, Repeat


Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.1 10 147

Plot summary

August 25, 2022 at 04:32 PM


Ken Friss

Top cast

Victor Zinck Jr. as Colin Davenport
Cristina Rosato as Lisa Holt
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv123 7 / 10

Good characters

I recently watched another movie about fashion on the same channel and panned it. This movie confirms my thoughts on that one by comparison.

The characters in this movie are natural. The dialogue is fun. There's chemistry not just between the leads, but between the daughter and each of the leads. I especially liked the chemistry between Victor Zinck Jr. And Sarah Giles as father and daughter, not by comparison with the leads but because of this relationship's own dynamics. Zinck and Cristina Rosato had good romantic chemistry. I liked how the memoir device helped establish that chemistry naturally. And Rosato is just enjoyable to watch in her role.

The story doesn't fit squarely with the usual premise where the lead has a failing business and the other lead has to help her save it. There are very similar elements, but Lisa is successful, and her struggle is due to the usual vicissitudes of a very competitive industry. The story has about the right amount of tension without being repetitive. There weren't any great highs or lows or surprises, so I give a thumbs up but wouldn't go so far as outstanding.

I thought that Colin came off a little juvenile in what amounted to a quiet temper tantrum or maybe sulk is a better word.

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BrideOfCheekyBugger profile
BrideOfCheekyBugger August 26, 2022 at 12:01 am

So sickly sweet that diabetics are warned to avoid watching it :)