Rossz versek


Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.5 10 2590

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March 13, 2023 at 11:11 PM


Gábor Reisz

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by p008 3 / 10

Bad movies

Bad movie. Dear "creators", the movies are made for the audience! You didn't even try. Was there little money or ideas? Work without events. It is difficult to follow the main line because there are many embedded side branches.

Reviewed by tpolakov-2 9 / 10

Rollercoaster of emotions

OK, I admit, it might not be everyone's coffee - but it certainly is mine ;) This is basically a coming of age movie - told in flashbacks.

There is nothing particularly original in the storyline, but... somehow... I started watching and it just kept a tight grip on me. While the situations the main character lives through do not match exactly the ones tucked away in my own memories, I believe it captures this provincial Eastern European feel most precisely. If you ride its wave, it pulls you through an unbelievable rollercoaster of emotions ranging from depression to silly uncontrollable laughter. It guides you with ease and lightness of a veteran storyteller, yet with very modern cinematic means somewhat reminiscent of "Amelie" in tone.

I cannot say if you need any particular cultural background to relate to this movie. Some jokes may not work for you. Maybe the whole movie would not, either. However, if you do not give it a try, you could miss a shining gem. Absolutely recommended.

Reviewed by drazsika-716-814820 8 / 10

Teen spirit. Will make you want to write poems

Being Hungarian and in my early 30s it's an especially nostalgic movie for me. It resembles plenty of the director's first (diploma) movie, Van valami furcsa és megmagyarázhatatlan. While at times difficult to watch and is certainly not not a high budget movie with practically no special effects it touches on something beautiful of one's memories, wishes, dreams that might be long forgotten. All of it in a European, Hungarian, Gábor Reisz-esque way...

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