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September 03, 2022 at 01:16 PM


Gábor Benö Baranyi

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Reviewed by gab-67599 7 / 10

Good Idea

But weak delivery. In the spirit of any and all time travel movies. This one does not bring anything new or exciting to the table. Misi was a likable character but his life was just dull. This felt like an american low budget style movie but in a different language. The girl was pretty and the doctor was funny, wish they had keyed in on him more. So although this was far from exciting, I respect Indy films and I have seen worse. This one was not horrible but it was also not great. I would like to say I would watch it again but that would be a lie. I do know if I HAD to rewatch this movie I would not mind. It has it charms.

Reviewed by ops-52535 6 / 10


Or hungarian isnt the easiest language to learn nor listening to at any moment, and with a strange hieroglythical story and plot like this film its just hard to say that this was a good or bad film. It has takes from many groundhog day movies made, put on top of that medical experimentation and an old mans magic eliqsir and whole lot of depraved love and affection, and everyones lucky date friday the 13th, there will be surprises, and a whole lot of bizarre fun.

The environment for this film is a rather worn out industrial city, with lower middelclass and powertyriden inhabitants where cultural clashes makes heads spin around at a cutting throat pace of lurking serial killers in the shadows, well chosen locations, and a cast that knows their cookbook of acting.

So if you like to comemorate your good old hungary like it was during the iron curtain era, like i did when i was a grumpy young man touring the country for all it was worth with my family on vacation visiting anna, stefan and marika in budapest doing the vidam park and swimming in the balaton catching fireflies in the dark, well take a hike on this psychedelic ride of hungarianismic comedy.

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