Barbie: Mermaid Power


Action / Family

IMDb Rating 6.5 10 68

Plot summary

September 03, 2022 at 11:39 AM


Ron Myrick

Top cast

Johnny Yong Bosch as Finn / Waiter
Cassandra Morris as Stacie Roberts
Melanie Minichino as Marlo / Mermaid 2
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bthvpdp 1 / 10

What is happening?

The plot itself had so much potential and I like that they added all kinds of different sized and colored characters.. however... WHY ARE THE MERMAIDS WEARING SHIRTS AND JACKETS BUT THE HUMANS HAVE SEA SHELL BRAS?!?! Isla was completely ruined. Her eye color, her voice, her design has completely changed and it's not as impactful as she was in dolphin magic. The hair animation was fine, but the regular animation was a little weird. The animals in the movie were pretty good and I'm glad the turtle model has made changes since the mermaidia turtle. I'm upset that the plot kind of fell apart. First they were looking for people to become the power keeper and two people were missing and then suddenly Barbie and all her sisters were participating in challenges to become the power keeper and then the power keeper ended up being someone who was there the whole time?!?! This movie should have shown how bad the trash in our oceans can be, it should have been more impactful rather than chilling in the back.

Reviewed by halima1477 5 / 10

Too many songs so little plot

30 minutes into the movie and there have been about 6 songs. Now barbie movies do have their song breakout and such but there is such as thing as too much. I feel this because you have a few minutes in between to scroll through the actual plot line of the movie, but when its does you are interrupted by a song.

Another problem with song after song after song before you had time to digest it another one comes up , and sure the message behind the songs are good, the music is okay but it lacks the memorable impact.

I am writing this. At the 30mins mark, so i don't know the ending , but I hope its not as cliche as I think it will be. I also wishes that the villian for the first mermaid movie ended there.

Reviewed by blytheandferb-91172 10 / 10

Epic Doesn't Begin To Describe How Great It Is

Barbie: Mermaid Power is a movie that just does everything a good movie should do. For starters, the music is top notch. The Math Club continues making top notch music and songs, just like in projects such as Barbie: Dolphin Magic, Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures, and Barbie: Princess Adventure. Matthew Tishler & Andrew Underberg help contribute greatly to the songs, giving it a modern flare. The characters are all top notch. Malibu Barbie is shown to be pretty mature and down to earth, knowing that doing the right thing is the bigger priority, and she only feels down on herself when she thinks she can't contribute. Her embracing of imagination without it clouding her judgment is a plus in my book. Brooklyn Barbie is also a good fit to the group dynamic, being more of the realist, but still trying to give things a chance. Seeing her loosen her standards on what's real is well done. She learns things quicker, yet still focuses more on doing the right thing. Barbie's sisters do well playing supporting roles, notably Skipper being able to connect to Finn and Chelsea connecting to Aquaryah. The returning characters, Isla and Marlo, also play their roles well, with Isla being supportive of what humans can do without sacrificing her mermaid side, and Marlo being surprisingly sympathetic despite how cruel she acts. The new characters in the movie are also great, whether it's Aquaryah being plucky and open minded towards humans, but still a bit stubborn, or her brother Finn being overprotective and stubborn but still caring. Talleigha makes for quite the intimidating antagonist, being deeply rooted in her species's racism against humans. Her smug behavior makes her entertaining. The messages are also great, which is about being able to show support for others and trying to find your inner power. I call this amazing.

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agbabygrnd September 05, 2022 at 05:28 am

And Barbie in the 12 dancing princesses

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Hi freeman, can you upload Barbie and the diamond castle?