2017 [ARABIC]


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March 17, 2023 at 09:14 PM


Faouzi Bensaïdi

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Reviewed by ivanfreire1-916-164298 8 / 10

Excellent Script. Excellent Acting

I watched it in the WE ARE ONE Festival (YouTube), because it seemed to be a good movie, in spite of the terrible socre here on IMDB (it was 3.7).

I am very happy I was not fooled by the score, because it is a good movie. The script is subtle and quite unpredictable (in a good way) and the characters are complex - so are the inter-relations between them.

It is always good to watch a movie that depicts the African everyday life of middle and lower classes as well as the elite (the 1%). American and European movies are usually about the poorest of Africa (or African immigrants in developped nations), which are really important issues as well, however let us not forget that Africa is a plural continent - ethnically, religously, culturally and socially.

Do no be fooled about the low score, it is a good movie. Enjoy!

Reviewed by omarbenchekoun 8 / 10

Gut punching, powerful and beautiful

Volubilis succeeds to deliver a powerful message about social inequalities, whilst avoiding the usual clichés in the genre. The characters are very realistic, unpredictable, and very human, the movie analyses what is perhaps one of the most powerful motives in the human condition, that is pride, through Abdelkader. The cinematography is quite interesting, instantiating a certain cold temperature in some scenes, and successfully conveys the characters' emotions in others. To sum up, it is (almost) a must watch for cinephiles and adepts of Moroccan filmography.

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