Qué tan lejos

2006 [SPANISH]


IMDb Rating 7.0 10 773

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March 19, 2023 at 11:52 AM


Tania Hermida

Top cast

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by diegoteran 9 / 10

A compelling portrait of the culture and social issues that Ecuador faces.

I have not seen a movie that portraits and demystifies the contemporary Ecuador, particularly in Quito and Cuenca, both Andean cities. The dialogue in this movie is extremely clever, and it captures the subtleties of culture, especially language. Esperanza, a woman from Barcelona, Spain visits Ecuador, where she meets Teresa in a bus going from Quito, the capital, to Cuenca. During their trip, they face a strike and continue their trip on foot. They meet Jesus on the way, who in my opinion is the best actor in this film. Teresa, who tells her impromptu friends that her name is "Tristeza" (sadness), wants to stop her boyfriend's wedding in Cuenca. My only issue with this movie is the end, that lacks a resolution and seems pretty vague. The soundtrack by Nelson García is superb. In the end, watching this movie is like reading a great book; it is open to many interpretations.

Reviewed by carla_galvez 10 / 10

A taste of the political scenario in Latinamerica

This movie is an example of the way of living in Latinamerica. It allows us to taste what its like to be a "visitor" and to be a "local/resident", and how that changes the way to see, to understand things and specially, to understand the latinamerican society.

Makes you laugh if you are a person that comes from this particular reality called: Ecuador. The romantic part of the film allows us to see the different "social classes" where everyone need a last name, a friend or just money to be someone, remembering the public that the are places of the planet that treat differently some people, although we may know all about "equealty", the Bill of Rights, the Letter of the United Nations and of our own Political Constitution.

The Director of the film tried to show something: a country where anything its possible, a "wonderland" where there is no order, or respect to any rule, or logic, so options are unlimited situations -most of them funny ones-, and also the political reality of, not only Ecuador, but of Latinamerica today.

A great independent work, a piece that show how Ecuador is seen in other places of the world.

Reviewed by NitramSediv 8 / 10

Great Movie

I saw this movie at the Latin American Film Festival at the AFI and i found it to be a very sweet film. The story is similar to any other "on the road" movies that you've probably seen but it is still funny, warm and engaging. It's interesting to see the interaction between the idealistic (clearly upper class) college student with her activist views and the carefree Spanish tourist. It's also entertaining to see how they both react to the various characters they encounter while on their journey. The beautiful Ecuadorean countryside is also a wonderful added "actor" in the movie. I highly recommend this movie to those people who like quirky independent movies.

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