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September 10, 2022 at 09:54 PM


Karim Amer

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by veggie3840 6 / 10

Interesting, yet Cursory and Disjointed

Broadly, this documentary explores the aftermath of the Boeing 737 Max crashes. What it presents is varied: the work of attorneys for families of the victims engaged in pre-trial iprep; families remembering their lost loved ones, especially one woman remembering her late father; a pilot association lamenting the failure of Boeing to provide information about a new 'safety' feature or provide sufficient training to pilots; the causes of the crashes; a reporter, who previously reported on the 737 Max's failures, recounting what he determined and talking to a confidential source within the FAA talking about general sentiment within the agency ; the history of Boeing; a whistleblower within Boeing who committed suicide decades ago; a current whistleblower as to "production" issues facing the public spotlight; and even how Covid 19 is effecting. Boeing's profits. What the film fails to do in its 98 minutes is look in-depth into any of these topics or connect these pieces into a comprehensive whole.

The time spent on whistleblowers is greatly wasted. We learned nothing as to the allegations made by the whistleblower who killed himself in the distant past and we are presented with nothing to believe that the allegations he made had any validity. The allegations made by the current whistleblower are referenced as issues related to "production' and something(s) that happened on the assembly floor. As the 737 Max's crashes were caused by compounded problems of faulty angle of attack sensors and a badly designed safety software program that forced planes to repeatedly dive towards the ground, it is questionable as to whether the complained of "production" issues have anything to do with the cause of the crashes. As the film keeps the whistleblower's specific allegations vague, I was left believing the filmmakers were unable to establish the validity of the allegations or connect them to the crashes. Thus, it raises the question as to why a good portion of the screen time was allotted to watching the whistleblower lament his situation and talk to his wife.

A good film could have been produced by limiting the focus and going more in depth, but this was not done. Instead the filmmakers were content with presenting a bunch of weakly connected scenes that fail to create a strong whole.

Reviewed by mwangler 3 / 10

One Sided Corporate Bash

Yes Boeing and the FAA Failed - that could have been documented in about 15 minutes without liberal nonsense that makes up the rest of this mocumentary. Why Boeing and the FAA Failed never got answered and even more - why the Lawyers got most of the 2.5 Billion dollar settlement and victims families were compensated in some cases less than 100 Thousand dollars each per death is the most sickening part of this Video.

Here is a hint: Follow the Money! Expalin why several law firms earned millions in filing lawsuits - yest the actual compensation paid to the families was only a fraction of what was paid out. The viewer is left with more questions than answers - and glaring oversights. The hard work wasn't done here. Fifteen minutes on Wikipedia will tell you more about this story than will this video.

Reviewed by lfc357 6 / 10

Solid documentary that's gets itself distracted

The story of the 737max is a definitely a cautionary tale for all manufacturer's to learn. Boeing got itself lost in a battle with Airbus and made tragic mistakes. Had this documentary focused solely on those mistakes and people who lost loved ones as result, it would have been a powerful and honest film. Unfortunately the director and producer couldn't help himself and let his leftist anti capitalism seep through. This isn't a failure of capitalism, but a failure of upper management to listen to their people and the failure of the FAA to provide oversight. This film is definitely worth watching, just a shame for what it could have been.....

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dragonxtc profile
dragonxtc September 12, 2022 at 08:34 am

i will fly airbuscarriers and even refuse 737max seats and 777 thats gonna be q bitch thank you lord for A320succes and the A350

nakedfaerie profile
nakedfaerie September 11, 2022 at 07:19 am

THATS why petrol cars WILL always win. They can drive further than electric cars and the trip is a lot more safer and fun than a place crash.

BrideOfCheekyBugger profile
BrideOfCheekyBugger September 10, 2022 at 11:21 pm

...and THAT is why the rest of the world doesn't buy "American Made" :)

GhislaineMaxwell profile
GhislaineMaxwell September 10, 2022 at 10:18 pm

capitalism will end murika, socialism will end murica. so ,lol

FilmCritix profile
FilmCritix September 10, 2022 at 07:02 am

Made me reconsider my future aspirations. This corporate greed hurts my soul. Another documentary about the awful 737 MAX story. More thorough than Downfall: The Case Against Boeing. “Predatory capitalism will be the end of America.” ... and that's pretty much a wrap.