Barely Legal



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May 07, 2023 at 04:58 PM


David M. Evans

Top cast

Amy Smart as Naomi
Lin Shaye as Tequila
Riley Smith as Jake
Chris Parnell as Mr. Ronald Greitzer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mikael-damonk 6 / 10

I could laugh at this

This movie was almost extremely entertaining. It started out bad. and I mean bad. I kept asking myself why every scene left me wanting more. Then they gave it to me, and I asked myself why I wanted more. Nevertheless, the movie does manage to draw you...kind the plight of the protagonists. There were many areas for improvement, but you got what you came for with this movie: hot teen breasts and bad acting. It just fits(it is a movie about making pornos). This movie had the essentials for its genre. The girls were definitely hot. and that is basically the point of the movie I must remind you. Yes, the acting wasn't the best and the jokes were halfhearted and cheesy, but at least that's what the movie was going for. Cheap jokes teen antics 18 year old girls = alright in my book.

Reviewed by Polaris_DiB 6 / 10

Quite entertaining

Gross-out comedy.

Have you seen American Pie? Of course you have, everyone has. Have you seen National Lampoon's other stuff? Of course you have, everyone has. Have you seen Animal House? Of course--wait... wait... I caught a large portion of it on the television but I haven't seen all of it. Well that's okay, I got the point.

Did you like those films? Well, whichever way you answer the above question will determine what your enjoyment of this film will be like. I myself don't really think those films are THAT BAD, they're just not THAT GOOD. That wonderfully politically correct way of saying that this film was pure fluff but I laughed anyway.

Well I didn't necessarily laugh, but it was amusing. I think if it weren't for the fact that the father figure tries to pull a Eugene Levy, the stupid high school bully is trying to be a Stifler, and sometimes the characters seem to do things that not only don't fit with their character in the film, but don't match anything that happens in real life, this would be a pretty good movie.

Even despite those details (which are actually minor in the way they were presented), the film does its job and does it right. The overall structure is clichéd, but mostly the tone isn't. Scenes like the porno actress having dinner with the family when the girlfriend walks in, or the fact that said girlfriend isn't what he's looking for in the first place, stuff like that is enough to relax and enjoy the film if you're willing to not worry too much about wasting your time.

I would have to say that, if anything, the whole competitor storyline and all that Scarface stuff really got to me the most, considering I find the Scarface dream to be an utterly banal and hideous allusion for everyone to always make, and the competitor was just kind of stupid overall.


Reviewed by the_shadows 7 / 10


this film was meant to be a dumb comedy. the whole point is so that you laugh and are offended and think, "man this is stupid" all at the same time. i loved it. i thought it was hilarious, raunchy and dumb-funny. not a movie for kids, or people who are offended easily by crude sexual humor. the lead cast was decent, all except the stripper (she wasn't very convincing). the plot was so incredibly far fetched, thats what made it so funny and stupid at the same time. i mean come on, what kind of movie did you expect with tom arnold in it? it was exactly what i expected, and i am glad i rented it. also, its not a secret that national lampoon movies are almost always teenish sexfest movies these days. i think i have made it clear what kind of movie it it or hate it, at least you know what to expect.

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