Adam by Eve: A Live in Animation


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March 15, 2022 at 01:17 PM


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pjdruck 10 / 10

Would you watch a Green Day concert with out knowing Green Day?

Adam by eve is surreal! It is also a treat for eve fans. Imagine a live concert. To that add a story, excellent animation and art design.

Thats what Adam by Eve is!

Having said that. Its not for you if you don't know the artist Eve. Or if you are far away from the anime sphere and/or don't like popular MVs like ME! ME! ME! Etc

'Eve' was popularised after the opening to jujutsu kaisen's opening but he already was an underground hit in the world of nico nico(Japanese youtube)

The story of this 50 minute concert doesnt matter as much as the expression the artist conveys with the visuals and hard hitting songs.

Only negative part is that the subtitle during the songs might feel jank as japanese doesnt translate well. But the songs are banger nonetheless.

Reviewed by Snootz 3 / 10

Not for everyone

As I sat through this wondering where it was going... I came to realize there's something the audience isn't being told here. The main question that came to my mind is: Is this a story, an anime sampler, or a music video?

From the reviews I read here, evidently it's a music video... but we're not told this ahead of time. I watched this on Netflix where it was advertised as "live animation". Okay, something different, let's see what it is.

What it is is a whole lot of eye candy that doesn't make much sense story wise, short story clips with no real theme (other than people sharing a dream of a one-eyed man) with numerous music videos or animated songs interspersed. There's no real story, no real theme, no story line, climax or conclusion. At least-- not that's visible to the average viewer.

Apparently one needs to be pre-aware of a singer named "Eve" and the background story there. I was tempted to go to Wikipedia but frankly, just didn't care. The animation in this was very interesting but fairly pointless-- very random images thrown on the screen. No matter how artfully done, animation without a story has never much interested me.

The music was okay but was somewhat repetitious, one song sounding pretty much like another. If one is not an Eve fan, they may love this or hate it or be indifferent. I didn't hate this; it just didn't do anything for me. Aside from the eye candy, the presentation seemed fairly pointless... like watching several no-theme music videos pasted back to back.

So in the end this left me yawning. I went in expecting something different and unusual-- and that's what I got. What was missing was a plot and story line. That's okay if that's what people are expecting and what they want. I had no pre-knowledge of anything in this, so for me it was a pretty static experience. The girls were cute, the animation was somewhat interesting, the music had a nice beat, and that was it. Emotionally I was completely unmoved, about 50 minutes of the day lost to a question-filled music video.

If there's some sort of story or theme here, I'd challenge anyone to figure it out. Art for art's sake: I've never been a fan. I prefer art that says something to the viewer.

Reviewed by jonfmac 8 / 10

Reminiscent of the late 1960's and early 1970's

I honestly didn't expect anything and decided to watch it on spec. I'm very glad I did. To cover the basics: 1) The music was excellent being primarily a progressive Japanese pop with a side dish of jazz. This is a musical genera that has something for everyone. 2) The live action, CGI, and grease pencil anime were top notch, likely shot, designed, and rendered in 4K. It was spectacular eye candy and beautifully edited. It flowed wonderfully with the music. 3) The live action and characters were skillfully intertwined into the CGI and anime. They delivered exactly what the story needed.

A younger audience might not appreciate this or even care. This feature took me back to the days of movies built around music in the late 60's and early 70's. It was typified by stream of consciousness action combined with music. This genera had a less than complimentary name. Still, this movie fit into that category beautifully. "Adam by Eve: A live in Animation" can be considered to be similar to a mashup of "Yellow Submarine", "Head", and "2000 Motels". There were huge similarities. However, 50 years makes a huge difference to the technology used to make these production and is telling. These older films do not come close to the quality exemplified by this production. If you are expecting some concise storyline then you can forget it. This is about the experience of the music combined with the visuals. If you can shut your eyes and listen to Pink Floyd while letting your mind wander then you will have a complete understanding of this entertainment genera. If you can't, you will never be capable of understanding it.

Well done Eve. I thoroughly enjoyed this production and very much welcome this long overdue return of this type of musical and visual entertainment. I was thoroughly blow away.

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athenachos profile
athenachos March 15, 2022 at 06:01 pm

I've been looking forward to watch this! Thank you so much T_T