Beethoven's Big Break


Comedy / Family

IMDb Rating 4.4/10 10 2279 2.3K

Plot summary

Eddie, a struggling animal trainer and single dad suddenly finds himself the personal wrangler for a large and lovable St. Bernard whose fabulous movie "audition" catapults the dog to stardom. However, a trio of unscrupulous ne'er-do-wells have plans to kidnap the famous dog and hold him for ransom.

July 18, 2023 at 07:01 AM


Mike Elliott

Top cast

Stefanie Scott as Katie
Rhea Perlman as Patricia
Moises Arias as Billy
Stephen Tobolowsky as Sal
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by treakle_1978 6 / 10

A Rip Off Of The Original.

This movie acts like a reboot but steals scenes from the original. This also has 2 bumbling dog Napper's as does the first movie. This movie is great for 5year olds but not for me. 6 is being very generous but because I love dogs i think it's fair.

Reviewed by thewalkingpuns 5 / 10

chessy and a little corny but still fun

Of course this movie was never going to be as good as the original back at the end of the 90's, but I thought it still had some charm to give. The acting from the cast members was a little chessy, but the characters had some progression to them as the film went on and for it became better people. Eddie and lisa were awkward to start with but eddies son billy was funny in places trying to impress the girl he likes. I'm happy that beethoven was the same dog and both actors playing him were cute, along with the adorable little puppers that came with him. The secondary plot with the dognapping didn't really go anywhere and was not needed overall as watching eddie try and get lisa while keeping his job as a animal handler was all the plot needed. Overall not completly terrible and fun in places, just not as so as the originals.

Reviewed by inkblot11 8 / 10

You deserve a break today! Get this adorable new Beethoven!

Eddie (Jonathan Silverman) is a widowed father to son Billy (Moises Arias). An animal movie trainer, Eddie's main pet is an acting iguana but Billy longs for a dog. Dad says no. Meanwhile, Beethoven is homeless and goes looking for food in the LA suburbs, from butcher shops to pizza parlors. Of course, he crosses paths with Billy and the young lad can't resist bringing him home. Dad is aghast, especially when it turns out the canine is a she and there are puppies arriving soon! Although Eddie tells Billy they are only going to keep the dog temporarily while they search for a new home, Beethoven ends up going along to work. When the doggy star of Eddie's newest work, a bichon frise, ends up dognapped, the producer (Rhea Perlman) and the director (Eddie Griffin) are mad and fire the main animal trainer, giving Eddie the head job. And, when Beethoven runs through the set and makes everyone laugh, they ask the lovely screenwriter, Lisa (Jennifer Finnigan) to re-write the script with for their new St. Bernard star! At first, she is resentful and Lisa and Eddie bicker. But, soon, Lisa asks to come to Eddie's house to observe the dog and get ideas. As can be expected, proximity sometimes makes hearts beat faster. Meanwhile, the dognappers, getting no ransom for the small white dog, decide to go the same route and grab Beethoven. Will they succeed, ruining the completion of the motion picture and Eddie's job prospects? This adorable film will please everyone in the whole family, maybe the whole wide world. What's not to like, with great, funny stars, nice sets, lovely costumes, a zesty, imaginative script and a skilled, never-lagging direction? Give you and yours a break today, you deserve it, and get your hands on this one.

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