Presence of Love


Action / Family / Romance

IMDb Rating 7.0 10 723

Plot summary

March 19, 2022 at 10:03 PM


Maclain Nelson

Top cast

Eloise Mumford as Joss
Samantha Bond as Merryn
Julian Morris as Daniel
Sarah Corbridge as Carol
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jlbsword 10 / 10

Love, Poetry, & New Beginnings

This was an absolutely beautiful movie and the best I have seen in some time. The acting was superb and the sweet little girl stole the show. The story of love, loss, and struggle is one that we can all identify with and the true emotions expressed came through so well. The attraction and connection between the two leads was real and not forced or silly as in many of the Hallmark movies. And the scenery of Cornwall was not only stunning, but also provided the metaphor of standing on a cliff trying to summon the courage to move away and move on. Having also lost a mother much too soon, the scene of Joss finally letting go near the end was just so very touching. I wish this movie had been longer. I did not want it to end. Let's have more movies like this with a wonderful story and strong characters that move us to tears and allow us to smile.

Reviewed by d-robold 8 / 10


What a wonderful change of pace! This movie had depth, understanding, a steady pace and excellent acting. Such a relief from the annoyingly formulaic movies usually presented. No old boyfriend, no high heels, no saving the old bakery, festival, tree... here we had a lovely background, intertwining stories and themes, well developed characters, and a movie that was complex yet simple. It stays with me and I'll think about this one for a long time.

Reviewed by sandpark-70052 10 / 10

More movies like this please!

Beautiful scenery, lovely story, and a health issue to overcome with loving kindness and creative learning methods. This movie was very touching and well done. More movies like this please.

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