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Reviewed by hfgoreybits 8 / 10

A Dark and Twisted Good Time

I can't think of a better way to kick off the spooky season. This movie is so dark and good that it left me speechless. TWO WITCHES feels like an homage to Italian Horror. It feels like a Mario Bava picture, with brutality comparable to the works of Lucio Fulci. The acting is great, the score is terrific and the amount of blood and guts quenched my thirst for violence.

It's a well crafted movie about (you guessed it) two evil witches that torment a group of innocent people. No one is safe, and the movie doesn't hold back in terms of shock value. It's the spookiest movie I've watched this year, and I think that you will enjoy it.

Reviewed by kannibalcorpsegrinder 8 / 10

An effective and highly enjoyable effort

A two-story anthology about modern-day witches and witchcraft.

The Good Stor(ies): The Boogywoman-While expecting a child together, a couple begins to grow increasingly disturbed following an encounter with a strange woman while out to dinner that results in her seeing strange visions. Attempting to get to the bottom of everything, they enlist the aid of several supernatural means to combat it only to realize how out of their depth they really are. Generally, this was a fantastic segment that has quite a lot to enjoy about it. The atmosphere here is impeccably handled with the constant use of shadowy imagery to hide the feeling that someone or something is in their presence while the resulting jump-scares provide a slew of long looks at the outright chilling and disturbing make-up effects on the witch chasing them. The means through which they turn this into a far more cliched route than expected with an obvious series of events that play out which are no less fun visually despite the storyline familiarity, and the characters gradually become less irritating despite starting off as highly unlikable so it still has those issues to contend with. Still, this is a highly effective and generally creepy start.

Masha-Living with her roommate, a woman becomes increasingly more concerned for her safety when her borderline psychotic behavior is said to be the result of her inheriting her grandmother's witchcraft powers upon her death. As the incidents between the two grow in intensity, they find that there might be something to the sayings after all. While this is slightly weaker, there's still quite a lot to like here. Basically, the main problem is the slow-going and generally rambling setup that becomes somewhat underwhelming with it taking far too long to get to the point where it's obvious what's going on with her but no one else is which causes this to meander around somewhat aimlessly. However, that doesn't discount the fun derived here from the spellcasting and powers being utilized to great effect with several solid jump-scares and some fun encounters flaunting the powers on display. These manage to make the segment fun enough to overcome those slight drawbacks with the storyline.

The Bad Stor(ies): Again, neither story is bad even though there are the few aforementioned issues with each segment, but overall it's the weird overlong epilogue that drags on far longer than necessary which is the true flaw with this one.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Brief Nudity, and Sex Scenes.

Reviewed by Reviews_of_the_Dead 7 / 10

Review for Two Witches

This is a movie that I got the opportunity to see thanks to Justin Cook who sent it over as a screener. What intrigued me was that I heard a review from another podcaster I respected who enjoyed this. This also helped with my 2022 watches as it is getting its wide release this year. Other than that, I knew this had witches and that is a sub-genre that intrigues me. We don't get a lot of good movies, so I my interest was piqued.

Synopsis: witches don't die before leaving their legacy.

We start this movie off hearing an old timey record. There is a baby surrounding by candles. There are also a couple of women who are cackling. One changes into a creature.

This is then told in two chapters. The first is The Boogeywoman. We see a couple out to dinner. She is Sarah (Belle Adams) and she is married to Simon (Ian Michaels). We learn that she is pregnant. Simon looks for a wine to order when Sarah notices a woman staring at her. She is played by Marina Parodi. No matter what she does, this woman won't break it. She even leaves and we see her looking through the glass with a candle.

The couple then head off on a road trip to visit his friend along with his girlfriend. They stop off to use a bathroom and Sarah notices odd things happening inside. She gets sick and thinks she sees the woman from the restaurant staring at her from a distance. Simon doesn't believe her and they get back on the road.

They arrive to hang out with Dustin (Tim Fox) and Melissa (Dina Silva). She is into the occult. Simon is a jerk and mocks her to her face. She brushes it off though. Melissa can tell something is wrong. She wants to help, but it seems what she tries might make things worse as this night descends into a terrifying encounter that may involve The Boogeywoman from the restaurant.

The other chapter is Masha. This is the name of the character played by Rebekah Kennedy. She is an odd woman who lives with Rachel (Kristina Klebe). Masha has an odd one-night stand with a guy who fights her off when she tries to kill him. Rachel thinks he attacked her though. There is something that's not right about this young woman as she starts to take things about her roommate which upsets her. Masha's past is darker than her friend realizes which complicates things further as the two stories come together.

That's where I'll leave my recap and introduction of the characters. Where I'll start is that I want to be honest about something. When I saw Arrow was attached, I was excited. They're a company that does good things with classic and cult movies. When they attach themselves to something that is new, I tend to enjoy it. We get a movie there that sets the tone early. I can see people being triggered with what they do. It is reminiscent of The Witch. If you are familiar with lore that bordered into Satanism in film history, then you have an idea of what I'm talking about.

Where I want to shift then would be that this doesn't pull its punches. It also comes hard with the atmosphere and tone being dark. There is built in peril with Sarah. It is compounded by the fact that Simon doesn't believe her. I can see his point of view. He is looking at things logically. What is interesting on top of this is that Melissa realizes there is something going on. Dustin 'believes' in the things that she does with nature and the occult, until it he needs to. He doesn't want to upset his friend or get Sarah even more riled up. This builds tension for me. Where things go when they check on her gets quite creepy as well. There is a troupe used with this that I'm not the biggest fan and that deals with dreams. I can work with here though as it is used to drive a character insane.

These ideas also bleed over into the second story. That one is deals with an intriguing look at Masha who is off. She makes weird comments about her grandmother being promiscuous. I like that Rachel is 'normal'. This can be taken literal or just the fact that she can understand social cues. Masha can't. It gets creepier when she starts to take on things from Rachel's past that she was told. That doesn't stop there. Masha looks up to Rachel and wants things that she has. Something else that struck me is that Rachel believes Masha was attacked during the opening sexual encounter. This is an interesting look at the current state of the world, since Masha was the aggressor here. I like using this as it gives an interesting perspective.

That should be enough for the story so I want to shift over to the filmmaking next. This is my favorite apart of this movie. We get such creepy cinematography and editing. There are sequeces that are sped up. I'm assuming this is done by removing a frame here and there so things don't move naturally. We also get long takes that build tension. The soundtrack also helps build this atmosphere it is going for. The only issue I have is that they go CGI with certain things. There isn't enough to ruin things for me, but I noticed it. The rest of the effects were good, especially when done practical.

The last thing then would be the acting. I thought that it was solid. I felt that the actors fit their characters. Kennedy was good as Masha. She does so well at being someone who is meek in the beginning. As things go, she gains more confidence, which makes her scarier. Klebe is solid as Rachel. Fox is a bit of an idiot, but like the change with his character of Dustin. Adams was good with what she goes through. It gets quite traumatic to be honest. Silva was good along with Michaels. What is funny about him is that I despised him. That is good though to get a reaction out of me. Other than that, I would say that Parodi and Emma Wilde are both creepy. That works for what was needed as well.

In conclusion, this is a movie that doesn't pull its punches. It tries to be shocking without going over the top in my opinion. I think that we get good filmmaking that help build the atmosphere and made me anxious. The acting helped bring the characters to life. I also enjoy the story well enough. Not the best film in this subgenre, but I'd say that this is worth a viewing for sure. Also be warned, some people might be triggered by things in this movie. I don't want to spoil what it is, but it does have to do with pregnancy and babies.

My Rating: 7 out of 10.

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