Chonda Pierce: Laughing in the Dark



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October 15, 2022 at 12:02 PM


Rick Altizer

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by karennations 10 / 10

Great movie !

Well done,A real view behind the life of Chonda Pierce . Sad at times but the message is, we can learn from our mistakes and God gives us the strength to walk through the hard times.If you are having a hard time that you are going through , this is a great movie to see because you walk away from the movie feeling encouraged that your not alone . Chonda regenerated some of the choices she made and had to live with the consequence's that where the results of the choices. She is open in sharing her weakness and dark times.But in the end God is in control even when we don't like what is going in our lives, and will never leave us.But will give us a hope to walk through the darkness.

Reviewed by kathyprice 5 / 10

Mixed feelings about this documentary

I was not familiar with Chonda Pierce when I came across this documentary, so I don't have a lot of embodied fondness for her. And I'm not a Christian, so I don't have that connection with her message.

Having said that, I really enjoyed her humor. She is known as the Queen of Clean, and that is refreshing. I'm not opposed to unclean comedy, but I appreciate that someone is able to find plenty of humor in less risqué subject matters. It's probably good for humor to find comedy in everyday, non salacious subjects.

I have two gripes with the documentary: the amateur production values, and the story itself.

I read that Chonda gave the directing duties to a first-time documentarian. The editing is very awkward, which takes away from the story line and her stated message of hope. It's obviously very difficult to stitch together a coherent movie from such a wealth of footage. I wish it had been handed over to a more experienced director. She is now filming another movie with the same director. Hopefully he learned from his first attempt. If not, it's a pity.

The story is very sad. The comedian sacrificed her family for her career. That is never a good story. She has deep regrets about that. Her daughter won't talk to her. Her husband is dead of alcoholism. And her son seems shell-shocked by what happened to his happy family.

Chonda's frequent mentions of Jesus and the bible are like tonic to her fans. She says she is tired of Jesus being dragged through the mud by nonbelievers. Nobody drags Jesus through the mud. However, his teachings might lead some of his followers to consider a change of behavior.

One would wish she paid more attention to her family. When her husband stopped telling her about the son's soccer games because he knew it made her sad she was missing her son's life, it seems like Jesus might have told her to get off the tour bus, go home and tend to her family.

I'm not laying all the blame on her for what happened. But an absentee mother is never good for a family. I'm sure all who share her faith would agree with that, especially those who believe the family unit is the heart of society. If this documentary serves as a cautionary tale, and helps other parents stay inside their families and avoid divorce and jobs that require absence from the home, then this is a valuable documentary. But if the message is that Jesus has it all covered and we don't need to change our behavior, then the movie just mildly entertaining, and not much more than that, other than sad.

I wish Chonda and her son and her daughter much happiness and reconciliation in the future.

Reviewed by solidabs 7 / 10

Not bad

Was pretty good. A little light on the comedy. But the end was just hilarious, when the little token black baby was more grown lmao. Now was the token baby's mama, Chondas squeeze to?? Idk either lol

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