Olivia Rodrigo: driving home 2 u (a SOUR film)


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March 28, 2022 at 03:36 AM


Stacey Lee

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Olivia Rodrigo as Self
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by matthewssilverhammer 8 / 10

"Specificity and authenticity...I think I got that from country music"

Rodrigo, at 19, is already a stunningly great songwriter, and her age adds to her appeal in its angst and rawness. But her ability/willingness to be so nakedly emotional, mixed with her natural cleverness with words and phrases, are so beyond her age that I can't wait to see how she grows. And her voice; maybe my favorite modern singer. The control, tone, dynamics, and ability to convey story and emotion are insane without abusing unnecessary vocal acrobatics. The gas station performance is my favorite.

Reviewed by G-Joshua-Benjamin 4 / 10

I was cool with this for a few songs. They every song became one.

A few things before my review.

Last month was my birthday. I am now 37.

I started getting into music when I was 13 or 14. I would listen to it all day. I would also play my guitar all day. I have this weird connection with music. It's like a language I understand better than words.

I only know or O. R. from the Disney show she is on.

I did get her CD for a good price. I got it for my mom who said she could not take it. But I then took it because I heard a song of Rs on the radio and I like the beat. I have yet to listen to the CD.

Ok, I started watching, not knowing what the doc. Would be like. It is her talking and then singing. I like the first, maybe three songs. One made me get teary. But then, as the program went on, I lost interest. At least 80% of the songs are about the same thing. A guy breaking up with her. It is amazing that she can sing her feelings. But it's all she does. There is much more to life than just one thing. In my life I have been mentally and physically abused, tortured, and killed. That is my life. Yet, never once do I ever talk about any of that stuff because I am alive. I live the life I always dreamed of. I am lucky to have the life I do. So, while I am happy that she can express her feelings, I just feel that it is such a small part of her big picture.

I heard her say the word like, more in this special, than I have in the past twenty years. I mean it was every other word. I think that is the 37-year-old in me. Haha

Her songs all sounded like other songs to me.

Her talking about breaking up so much reminded me of another famous singer who sings of that same type of thing.

I did not at all get the videos they were showing. They just made no sense. I may have been fogged out from the movie and I started watching at about 1am. But what did the videos have to do with anything? One, she is at a gas station. She gets there and all her instruments are sitting outside. She just starts playing. I said out loud "what in the hell is going on?!. Haha

There is a part where she is saying she wants a song to be first. The way she is doing it makes her sound like a young child asking their parent to be first to pick a show they all watch at night. It threw me off. Here is this smart lady who has a great voice, singing about adult things, acting like a child. It did not at all fit the image she wants to show.

Her and the band, that threw me off as well. I could have sworn that I was watching a show from the early to mid 90s. The way they dress was totally different. The arrangements and style they play is like nothing I've heard in a long time. Which I totally dug.

At one point, she is talking about how she does not like a song because it sounds like all the others. I thought to myself, well, maybe that should tell you something. Instead of worrying about one song sounding like every other, you should worry about all those others sounding a like.

She almost seemed to say she didn't like her songs so the guy who was making them with her would tell her how good they were. Perhaps we call that self-doubt. But it just made me look at her like a kid.

She was saying that either she or others wondered if she would be able to make another album with her life going so well. I had wondered that as well. Once you talk about one thing for an entire album, how many more times can you do it?

I also kind of felt bad for her for the fact that she put so much time and effort into making all those sings about one guy. If he is as bad as she says, I wonder if hearing a CD with most of the songs about him will fill his ego?

I found it interesting hearing about the way she makes her stuff. The way she used to word like so much, seemed to go away when she would talk about her songs. It was only there when she talked about random things. At least it seemed that way to me. But the songs are too repetitive. She is fixed on one mindset. I have amazing hearing. I woke up from a coma in 03 blind and I could hear everything. I got my vision back, but my hearing stayed the way it was. But for me, I would not understand most of the words she said. They were to muffled by noise. I felt like the Grinch. I was complaining of the all the noise.

She has a great voice. At points in her song her vocals do something. I can't get it out of my head. I would love to write a song with her. Though I think my style of music if different than hers. But I think it's just the fact that I am not a teenager anymore and I just wonder where she will go from this point. I wish her all the best.

Reviewed by joeythomas-97075 1 / 10

Overrated and untalented

This movie is nonsense, why are people praising her for doing the bare minimum? Her voice sounds terrible and she just copies her song writing from other artists. Not to mention how she talks like black people. Stop giving this industry plant the time of day.

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xoxobae profile
xoxobae April 18, 2022 at 01:30 pm

definition of a talentles industry plant

abbottweb profile
abbottweb March 28, 2022 at 06:50 pm

thank you freeman we enjoy the movies you get greetings from South-africa

diodog profile
diodog March 28, 2022 at 09:23 am

In any kind of functioning society this talentless dreck would be considered a parody.

Kyswas profile
Kyswas March 28, 2022 at 09:06 am


flashthunder78 profile
flashthunder78 March 27, 2022 at 06:07 pm

my favorite singer and crush too ahahahah

DanDoio profile
DanDoio March 27, 2022 at 11:30 am

Never heard of her before and seeing that trailer she cant sing to save her life ... Somehow she have a documentary ... Looks like I have to make a song and then retire being a imaginary star with a discography collection and milk documentaries ... People these days

compunerd profile
compunerd March 26, 2022 at 10:21 am

good 4 u is the best song on the album, period :)