Madras Cafe

2013 [HINDI]

Action / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 74% · 500 ratings
IMDb Rating 7.6/10 10 25110 25.1K

Plot summary

An Indian intelligence agent journeys to a war-torn coastal island to break a resolute rebel group and meets a passionate journalist.

September 20, 2023 at 09:26 PM


Shoojit Sircar

Top cast

Raashi Khanna as Ruby
Nargis Fakhri as Jaya Sahni
John Abraham as Vikram Singh
1.17 GB
Hindi 2.0
24 fps
2 hr 10 min
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ckaran80 9 / 10

As good as blood diamond and green zone...

Madras Cafe is a political thriller which although claimed fictional, is inspired by real events. Its tells the conspiracy behind the assassination of ex-prime minister of India and the War situation in Baffna region of Sri Lanka...The movie is fast paced and is so intriguing and well-crafted that it can be easily this years best...

With zero publicity stunts, Madras Cafe director Shoojit Sircar tries to go out of conventions and comes up with this masterpiece...Political thrillers are ones which people in bollywood rarely attempt, and Shoojit does it bravely...Right from the start, the plot involves you in such a way that it is hard to come out of it.The pace of the movie, entangled characters,series of events, unveiling of conspiracies and then finally the climax- all are up to mark and hence make this movie a spectacle to watch...

The Screenplay is fabulous- it divides the movie in two parts efficiently. First, the war conditions in Baffna and then the assassination plot.In between shocking plots are revealed and it covers a vast script in its runtime.The reason why i compare this with Hollywood masterpieces like blood diamond and green zone is not because of the similarity, but due to the fact that Madras Cafe maintains the originality of facts while imbibing the fast paced and thrilling plot.

John Abraham plays the lead role and this could be his best performance after dhoom, and does total justice to his role.Nargis Fakhri is the surprise package and shows that she can be versatile...The supporting cast is totally naive but they give their very best...

The only drawback or error you can say is relatively average editing.Its cliché and too short for many scenes...

But as a whole, Madras Cafe is a sinister, evil political thriller which is supported by intense acting and direction and the plot is simply ravishing.Its a sign that bollywood has started making sensible movies on a large scale.

Madras Cafe is not for crowd who like Chennai Express,Rowdy Rathore or Dabang, but it for those who acknowledge movies like A Wednesday, Shanghai and Rang De Basanti. This one wouldn't be watched on a large scale, won't gross in hundreds of crores,will not receive flurry of awards...but for me its simply one the best that bollywood has ever produced...

Reviewed by RebelRavindra 10 / 10

One of the best Political Conspiracy Thrillers... AWESOME !!!

Madras Cafe is super awesome, totally moved by this conspiracy thriller. The movie had no regular commercial elements, no songs, no romance, no sh*t. It was bang on target since the first frame of the movie. The whole content of the movie is totally legitimate. Director Shoojit Sircar should be appreciated for a brave attempt on showcasing the political conspiracy involved in the assassination. The direction was great, specially the scene involving the assassination. That was the best scene of the movie.

Screenplay of the movie is very tight, It was fast paced, though there are no entertainment elements, The movie will not bore you. My a** got glued to the seat and eyes on the screen. John Abraham did a great job by selecting such kind of a movie. He did extremely well.

Will definitely have a re re re re watch for this movie... LOVED IT !!!

Reviewed by shubh_328-471-817687 10 / 10

Wow!!!... Intellectual, Gallant and a Brave Factual work of Cinema... Caution: Miss This At Your Own Risk.!!!

It took 3 films and 7 years for Shoorjit Sircar (director) to deliver us with undoubtedly the best political thriller we can savor ourselves over a long time. 'Madras Cafe' is unarguably a gem of a movie that belongs to a rare genre of Bollywood cinema and deserves much more attention and applause than what it's being receiving.

The film is based on the backdrop of the Sri Lankan civil war in the late 1980's and early 1990's. It crosses its path with the plotting and execution of the then, Indian Prime Minster, whom we understandably can make out as Late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. This film is so well crafted; it was not possible to find out a loophole in the entire plot.

John Abraham (Producer), who plays as a RAW Officer has done a 100% justice to his character Vikram Singh. There are noticeable fluent and honest performances from Siddharth Basu and Nargis Fakhri (Rockstar) on the other hand as well. If you want to know more about what's inside, you have to go and watch it yourself. Although just do a bit of homework on the Lankan civil war events that occurred in the late 80's. You would not regret it.

There was one drawback of the movie though. The movie had an end. But as they say 'All good things comes to an end'. So, I guess it to be that way.

Madras Café is a slap on the faces of all the directors and also on the ignorant and bogged down movie goers who are ardent worshipers of senseless commercial cinema that has plagued Hindi movie industry over the last year and half. John Abraham here has to be appreciated immensely for the effort he has put in out of the movie, since; there was no one who was ready to produce this movie earlier until he accepted this project to invest in.

Thank you John Abraham and Shoorjit Sircar.

Without any second thoughts, being thankful and much obliged with this Intelligent and brave cinema,.. I'm going with an esteem ★★★★★★★★★✩ (9.1/10) for Shoorjit Sircar's Madras Café. This one is a Must Watch.



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