1975 [FRENCH]


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Victor Vautier is incorrigible: he's in constant motion, working several cons at once, using different names and changing disguises. He's charming and outrageous, incapable of uttering a sentence that isn't embellished or an outright lie. His life goal is to make enough money to build a sea wall to protect Mont-Saint-Michel. Charlotte, a parole officer, shows up: she's young and seems taken in by Victor. He discovers she lives above the Senlus Museum, where her parents are the curators. With two pals he decides to steal a priceless El Greco triptych and then ransom it back to the cultural ministry. What will Charlotte do when she realizes he's used her to make a fortune?

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Philippe de Broca

Top cast

Capucine as Hélène
Geneviève Bujold as Marie-Charlotte Pontalec
Jean-Paul Belmondo as Victor Vauthier
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fern-9 9 / 10

Great Comedy!

I'm french, so I had the pleasure to listen to the real dialogues for this movie. As usual, they are superb. Michel Audiard was a really great writer, his dialogues are full of intelligence and remarkably well written.

This movie is not to be missed, and is one of the best comedy by Philippe de Broca with Jean-Paul Belmondo.

Reviewed by jbgeorges 6 / 10

Too cartoonish...

I really love Belmondo, he is a great actor, and his collaborations with Philippe de Broca are usually great successes: "Cartourche", "the man from Rio", "the tribulations of a Chinese in China", "le Magnfique "... All these films have in common: humor, action and a breathtaking pace! You never get bored for a single second! This movie is weaker than the others in my opinion. The character of Victor played by Belmondo pushes the caricature somewhat too far. Some gags are too repetitve and drawn in length, for example the scene of the painting's theft. In the same vein, I prefer a lot "le Magnifique" produced two years ealier. Audiard's dialogues are also less punchy than usual, they feel a little warmed up, and the secnario is not very consistent. In short, you will still have a fairly good funny time, but the result could have been much better. I prefer the older ones...

Reviewed by Frank-87 10 / 10

unbelievably funny

although I had to watch the german language version of this movie (because my french is bad) and a movie always loses this way, I was laughing nonstop for the first hour, during the last half hour the movie slows down to a normal super-hilarious comedy level. Belmondo IS energetic humor, and the fast paced script and direction make this movie an intelligent comedy. Don't miss this one.

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