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More than 65,000 fans pack the Toronto SkyDome to witness The Ultimate Challenge as The Ultimate Warrior faces Hulk Hogan with both the WWE Championship and WWE Intercontinental Championship on the line. "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase defends the Million Dollar Championship against Jake "The Snake" Roberts. Dusty Rhodes and more in action!

October 29, 2023 at 09:29 AM


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Mary Tyler Moore as Self
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Randy Savage as Macho King Randy Savage
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Reviewed by zkonedog 10 / 10

The Most Anticipated Match Until That Point

Usually, the main event of any major wrestling event was "babyface" (good guy) vs. "heel" (bad guy). Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant would be a big example of such a main event. With Wrestlemania VI, however, two incredibly popular wrestlers at the time in Hogan & the Ultimate Warrior put their respective belts on the line in a main event that split the crowd in half in terms of cheering support. Good guy vs good guy!

Of course, an event is not made by its main event alone, and this is a great wrestling card that earns its 5-star rating. I won't go into detail on every match here, but here are some of the highlights:

-Mr. Perfect continuing his great brand of wrestling against Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake. -The Hart Foundation taking on The Bolsheviks with some hilarious pre-match comedy featuring Steve Allen. -An interesting semi-heel turn from newly-branded "Macho King" Randy Savage by pairing up with Sensational Sherri instead of the traditional Elizabeth. -Any Big Boss Man match (this time vs. Akeem) is usually pretty entertaining because he is such a great character.

There are no terrible matches in this entire event. They are all entertaining in some facet or another. The commentary from Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse "The Body" Ventura helps set the perfect tone once again.

Then, "Hulk vs. Warrior" blows the lid off! This was one of the most anticipated battles of all- time, and it pretty much lives up to the billing. Neither big man is a particularly talented wrestler, but the hype is just so big and each man plays his part perfectly.

This is the best Wrestlemania in the series so far, just ahead of the tournament from W4.

Reviewed by morantjavonte 7 / 10

The Ultimate Challenge that gave everyone goosebumps

WrestleMania VI was the first PPV event to take place outside the USA as it was held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the Skydome with a then-record of 67,678 in the year of 1990. Canada always have great crowds and this was a huge example of another great crowd. What this event was mostly remembered for was "Ultimate Challenge" as it was the first time in WWF/E history where two belts were on the line in the main event. Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior was not just special because of that. It was known to be the first time where Vince decided to have two big babyfaces collide. Face vs. Face feuds were not common back then so this was hyped as Hulk Hogan is well obviously the biggest Babyface ever while Ultimate Warrior was a rising star who was being pushed. Other things this event was notable for was Andre the Giant's last performance in the WWE and a big feud between Ted Dibiase and Jake Roberts

The Good - The Main Event honestly was best WrestleMania main event compared to the previous WrestleManias. Previous WrestleManias had an undercard more Memorable than the main event but this one actually had the main event end up being the top match of the night. Hogan and Warrior were never really great in the ring but these two put up a performance that made everyone around the arena not leave their seats. Ted Dibiase vs. Jake Roberts also had a great match too. Dibiase is one of the most underrated heels of all time. It's a shame he never won a World title. Most of the undercard was good too and Andre's fairwell was one of the most memorable moment of the show. Although he didn't get the big push they wanted, WWF did good making Earthquake look like a future threat. Bobby Heenan also cut a funny raged promo. R. I. P Heenan.

The Meh - Waving camera's are awesome to be apart of but it nearly killed a match. It didn't ruined Jake vs. Ted but it was very distracting from a good match. Dusty/Sapphire vs. Sherri/Savage was a fun match honestly. Very entertaining but Savage vs. Dusty probably would have been a better idea. Randy Savage thankfully got a more important serious role in the next year.

The Bad - Length of the show again was exhausting. They finally changed this 2 years later but sooner would have been better. Undercard once more had matches that weren't needed or just a waste of time. Jim Duggan also looked liked an idiot trying to get a Canadian crowd to cheer for the USA. And his match with Bravo was terrible.

Overall - Great show. Probably not one of the greatest WrestleManias of all time but definitely fun event. Hogan vs. Warrior is one of my favorite matches of all time. It was great seeing Ultimate Warrior celebrate his title and Hogan passing the torch (or so it looked like). Definitely worth watching over and over

Score: 7 out of 10: Good

0 = Terrible: 1 = Bad/Lackluster: 2 = Decent: 3 = Good: 4 = Awesome: 5 = One of the best of all time:

1. Rick Martel vs. Koko B. Ware - 3/5

2. Colossal Collection vs. Demolition: World Tag Team Championship - 2.5/5

3. Hercules vs. Earthquake - 1.5/5

4. Mr. Perfect vs. Brutus Breefcake - 2/5

5. Roddy Piper vs. Bad News Brown - 1/5

6. The Hart Foundation vs. Bolsheviks - Not worth it

7. Barbarian vs. Tito Santana - 1.5/5

8. Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire vs. Randy Savage and Sherri - 2/5

9. Orient Express vs Rockers - 2/5

10. Dino Bravo vs. Jim Duggan - 1/5

11. Ted Dibiase vs. Jake Roberts - 3.5/5

12. Akeem vs. Big Boss Man - 1.5/5

13. Rick Rude vs. Jimmy Snuka - 2/5

14. Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior: WWF Championship and Intercontinental Championship - 4/5

Best Match - Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior

Worst Match - Jim Duggan vs. Dino Bravo

Most Memorable Moment - Ultimate Warrior's Celebration with Hulk Hogan showing respect.

Top 5 Performers

1. Ultimate Warrior

2. Hulk Hogan

3. Ted DiBiase

4. Jake Roberts

5. Bobby Heenan.

Reviewed by paudieconnolly 9 / 10

Wrestlemania perfection

The Sky Dome ready the crowd is jumping can they deliver. A perfect mania needs a perfect team on Commentary Monsoon and Jesse always a perfect Tag team on The mics. The Bird v The Model opening the night. Tag team titles on the line next demolition against haku and Andre This match delivers a giant surprise. Hurcules to try to stop an Earthquake in Match three. Brutus mr perfect could be a close shave . Some good wrestling. Hot Rod hoping to getting some good news from Bad News Brown this ones going to be a fight Danny Davis Referees. Tito Barbarian average match. King & Queen facing the common man and women If this match doesn't make you smile and laugh I don't know what will . This ones a lot of fun wrestling not taking it self to seriously and the crowd seems to love it. Appearances by some legends to follow Shawn Michaels million dollar man Jack the snake boss man snuka Rude Greg valentine and many more before title v title The intercontinental champion Ultimate warrior & world champion Hulk Hogan one of the most iconic images of all time is these two men standing toe to toe . the anticipation is bursting through the arena everyone had there side we all believed in one or the other. Has tried to be downplayed over the years but don't be fooled. both men at the peak of there powers this is near perfect match everything you want from wrestling.story power recovery defining the odds to come back when there nothing left. The world watched on and they delivered.

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