Nun in Rope Hell


Drama / Horror

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Takako joins a convent after her lover's wife catches them in the act. She soon discovers that the nuns and a successful writer have conspired to engage in decadent S&M orgies. Based on the novel by Oniroku Dan.

November 20, 2023 at 02:19 PM


Katsuhiko Fujii

Top cast

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Reviewed by dekkard8 10 / 10

Came for the nuns, stayed for the rope hell!

This nunsploitationer delivers on all fronts. Lesbian nuns? Check! Sexual violence? Check! Rope bondage? Check! Of course it would, since it's based on a novel by smutmeister Dan Oniroku. All that and some nice coastal scenery as well, would love to know where it was filmed. While it doesn't rise to the heights of "School of the Holy Beast", it's definitely worth checking out for pink fans.

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